The Winter season brings with it, the desire to stay in bed a wee bit more, where a whole night of sleep seems like “oh, is it morning already, I had just closed my eyes”. …..Where even 7 a.m. in the morning look like 4 a.m.!! Where showing your hands below the running water will take all the willpower you have……..where a warm bowl of soup is all you wanna have for dinner……less work, n more filling!!!! So here’s my recipe for an all time favorite soup. It is not too much work, is very filling yet light ……n is loaded with the goodness winters brings along with it……….

Serves 4

Ing –
1 big katori – moong daal
100 gms / 2 stalks of springs onions (whole)
1 red onion – sliced finely
2 carrots – diced into small pcs
4 french beans – deveined n chopped into 1 inch pcs
50 gms – sweet corn kernels
50 gms – green peas
2 florets from a cauliflower – chopped into tiny pcs
2 green chillies
1/4 tspn – black pepper powder
2 tbpns – butter
a blob of butter separately
salt as per taste
1/4 tspn – haldi powder / turmeric powder
a pinch of garam masala
Bunch of corriander leaves.

Method –
Boil the moong daal in a pressure cooker, or otherwise, by adding the turmeric powder n the green chillies.
In a frypan, melt the butter, add all the veggies, some salt & stir fry till the veggies are cooked. If you like a bit of crunch in your soup, leave them a little uncooked.
Add the black pepper, n garam masala.
Now pour boiled moong daal into the stir fried veggies.
Add water to make it into a soup consistency.
Boil it once & add the corriander leaves

I serve it hot with toasted garlic cheese bread, which was yummy. You can serve it with roasted pappads, bread sticks……….anything at all.

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  1. Nags

    i love shorba. We get the dal shorba very often in office but the color is not as deep. lovely recipe Shella 🙂

  2. sra

    I really hate having to wash my hands in the winter – I feel cold throughout the day!

  3. Shweta

    Great shorba recipe Shella! I could have soup for dinner throughout winter 🙂 Especially if something this yummy is on the menu 🙂
    Nags, you get Shorba in office? Lucky you!! We get everything bland and tasteless 🙁

  4. Ankit

    I love shorba but even with the given recipe i am sure i will screw it up coz of my blessed cooking skills

  5. bindiya

    Shella very nice and simple recipe, will be making this, love soups esp. at this time.

  6. Sagari

    sorba looks delecious shella and thanks for stopping at my blog


    Very new to me shella…soup witn garlic bread! Wow you should have had a great time!

  8. Happy cook

    Would love to have that bowl of soup

  9. USHA

    Hi Shella,

    Veggie soup looks gr8…i’m alltime favourite for soups,that too for this chill weather..Wow!!!hot soups goes very well.Thanks for sharing.

  10. Laavanya

    I love dhal shorba… Your version looks very tempting and is perfect for the winter.

  11. Seena

    Good one, Shella.Haven’t tried one yet.

  12. Shella

    Nags – you are lucky to be getting daal shorba in office my dear. Do try this sometime, n i am sure you will love it.

    Sra – how true. I wish I could wear some platic gloves n wash my hands 🙂

    Shweta – I agree with you dear.

    Bindiya – do try n let me know your review

    Ankit – dont underestimate yourself. This is a breeze to make so do try

    Sagari – thanks to you too dear

    RAKS -I really like garlic bread. So i did have a great time

    Happy Cook – be my guest dear.

    Usha – you are welcome, n pls do try. Soups are so welcome during winters.

    Laavanya – it is perfect.

    Seena – thanks dear. do try. you wont regret it.

  13. easycrafts

    You would have enjoyed it in the chill weather..feel like having them now

  14. SteamyKitchen

    I love veg soup – this sounds wonderful, and healthy too!

  15. thedreamingcook

    hi there…my hubby and I have been on a soup diet and I am tiered of serving the veg stew…tried your soup and WOW!!! hubby was floored and so was I. Great for people like us…true indians at heart! Thank you

  16. Shella

    Easycraft – we sure did enjoy. Be my guest, go right into the kitchen and start making it.!!!

    Steamy Kitchen – thanks for dropping dropping by Jaden. It is very healthy & I love it so much.

    Dreaming cook – thanks for your comments. Am glad you liked the soup.

  17. bird's eye view

    Looks delicious – and sounds similar to a bean soup I posted on my blog. Just the thing for cold winter nights.

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