A Preschool PTM

A school PTM could be such a revelation I never did think. …
Preschool Teachers who teach the basics of any education system ….
Where alphabets and joining of words is taught. Where it is drilled in that h-a-t is hat, and that in “come” the “e” is silent! !
Where you are taught that doing 10 in my mind and 4 on my fingers makes it 14, and 8 take away 4 is to be done by closing 4 tiny fingers!!!
Where it is shown that a heavy coin sinks in water and a feather will float….
That you have to share the paints with your classmates and that you have to say “please”, “thank you” and ‘sorry”.
Where teachers repeat an instruction a thousand times over and yet still repeat it again, but with a smile on their face!!
Where the pencil has a life of its own being the creator of many unrecognised and recognised shapes, yet those distortions need a pat on the back.
Where patience is not a virtue but a way of life.
Where little faces covered in chocolate and tiny hands covered in paint are wiped clean.
Where little shoelaces are tied, hair is put in place, tiffins are ensured to be empty before they are kept away.
….all these and much for children who are not yours…..it must take great passion and a true spirit to take place of a mother for so many little eyes that look upon teachers as mothers.
I don’t have too vivid a memory of my own preschool and early school days, but I am today thankful to all those teachers who held my hand in school and wiped my nose clean. Am thankful for my parents for choosing a wonderful school for me.
And today I am grateful for all those teachers who do the same for my child, without wincing the nose and without showing a frown.
Thank you to all the teachers who close their hands on tiny ones that are not theirs!!!

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