In the morning, while wondering what breakfast would be made, n while rolling the dough for a salt-chilli paratha, my hand just reached out to the leftover palak subzi lying next to me, n voila ……..there I had a wonderfully flavored, n coloured parathas, which was loved by my husband, n he asked for a 2nd one, to his usual just one paratha once in a while!!! So I am going to share the recipe for the same……..

Ing –
Wheatflour dough – as per requirement
ghee / butter for shallow frying

For the filling –
Though I used left over palak from y’day palak paneer subzi. You can use the following recipe.
1/2 kg spinach leaves – cleaned & chopped
1 onion – chopped
1 tomato – pureed
1/2 tspn – red chilli powder
1/2 tspn – garam masala powder
salt as per taste

I would here suggest to keep the seasoning a little more than you would do for a normal curry coz the taste gets lost in the parathas if the seasoning is less.

Method –
For the filling
Boil the spinach till tender – or better still m’wave it for 5 mins.
Coarsely grind the palak, leave aside the residual water (you can use it for kneading dough, or add to any gravy)
In a fry pan, saute the onions till pink. Add the tomato puree & fry till oil separates. Add the seaonings & coarsely ground palak
M’wave it till it is thick & dry without moisture (it is very imp) or stir fry till there is no moisture. Here the m’wave works excellently.

Procedure for making parathas
Heat the girdle
Take a big lump of dough & roll it as you would roll a chappati.
When it quite big, spread a little ghee on the surface.
Add a tbspn full of the palak & spread it, ensuring it doesnt go too much towards the edges
Now fold one portion of the roti till the center of the roti.
Take the unfolded side & overlap it on the already folded part.
You will have a log shaped roti.
Apply some ghee on top of this & fold one side to the middle of the log & then overlap the other side on the already folded bit.
I am sorry if it sounds complicate_ will ensure photos posted the next time I do it.
NOw comes the difficult part….
Very carefully dust the the folded dough & roll very very gently
You may have to dust it more often than regular parathas, coz the filling is a very very tender & might break out.
Gently lift the paratha with a spatula & place it on the hot tava on medium flame
Cook till one side is browned by drizzling ghee / butter on the sides of the paratha.
Flip it over & drizzle some more ghee.
Cook till both sides are golden brown.
You can avoid the butter / ghee if you are very concious. but I guess it will taste best with these ingredients!!!

Hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I did

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  1. Kribha

    Very creative of you to use the leftover subzi. Looks very delicious.

  2. Vcuisine

    A nice idea Shella. Viji

  3. mummyjaan

    Hi, Shella. Thanks for dropping by at my blog – I am going through some of your recipes….I hope to try some (the makai ki roti first) !


    NIce Idea of using the left over..Thanks for sharing the recipe:)

  5. Shella

    Kribha – it turned out very delicious. the stuffing inside was creamy n smooth

    Vcuisine – thanks dear. I hope you get to try it soone.

    Mummyjaan – thank you for the comment. It is very inspiring. The makai ki roti is a must try.

    RAKS – you are welcome dear.

  6. Mike of Mike's Table

    This looks great. I’ll have to give it a shot. I tried making pooris once…although I didn’t use the right kind of flour, so maybe that would explain why they never poofed up.

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