AKEMI – the revolving restaurant

I have long heard of the one and only revolving restaurant in Dar, and have always been excited by the thought of going to it.

So yesterday finally I had the opportunity to visit the place on the occasion of a friends birthday celebration.

Whilst I was vowed by the space and the whole concept, some corners of the restaurant were indeed quite tacky.   We were seated on a well laid out table, and were attended and served well by the waiters. The manager was friendly and ensured we were comfortable whilst we enjoyed our evening amidst laughter and games.

I ordered strawberry mojito which for whatever reasons kept growing sweeter and by the end of it all it was a sweet mess.  I guess as much that it wasnt muddled well and thats how the mystery was solved.

I have heard Akemi doing a lot of wine and food pairing events, though I havent been to one there yet.  I can imagine it being a good event though.

The singer in the band sang beautifully and melodiously and we couldnt get enough of the songs he sang.   On a Friday night I was surprised the place was so scantily seated with hardly a few tables occupied and not much of a movement.  I guess that’s why we got all the attention!

We all got into ordering our food.  I was glad to see a mix of cuisines on the menu and went forward ordering a chicken and cashew stirfry with noodles.  I love the pairing of cashews with chicken and told the steward to make mine spicy with lots of pili pili.  The food came in fairly quickly, again I guess it was because of the low traffic in the restaurant, and what may I say – I was disappointed with what was served.   The sauce was more on a sweeter note and there was nothing spicy about it. I had to drop in a whole lot of chopped green chillies and some more salt onto the plate to see how could bring out the flavours.  Whoa, and I dug and I dug and I dug into my noodles but failed to find even one piece of cashew in the whole plate.  I could almost cry.  Like I said before I love the pairing of chicken and cashew and I was expecting a whole lot of crunchy cashews to bite into along with the chicken with great tasting noodles in an Asian sauce. Tsk Tsk…. and for the reason that I was at a birthday party and didnt want to spoil the fun, I did not speak to anybody, but left my plate after eating a little bit.  Not that anybody cared to asked why I had not eaten my portion of food.  I have visited other restaurants where someone would definitely pop up and ask whether the food served was not upto the mark that the guest had left it unfinished.

One of the guest sitting next to me had ordered a prawn platter and I saw her kniving away at her prawns, and when I asked her how her food was, I got the response that the prawns were undercooked.    I didnt get a chance to speak to the other ladies who were dining, and get their responses to the food they ordered, so I cant comment there.

So I think my first experience at Akemi was not a good one.  As a food writer and a reviewer in Dar I am glad I am able to freely write my views and not be biased because of the fact that I am writing for a magazine which does force me to write just the “good” side of any restaurant.

I really feel the restaurant has a lot to offer, and can totally do some benefit with some changes in its over all appearance and fine tuning of the food that comes out from its kitchen.  I honestly felt like I had walked into a huge banquet hall during the last hours of the party.  I also felt it could do with some more lighting.  I am sure guests would like to at least see the true colours of what they are being served

The saving grace I will say was the band (three cheers!) and of course the awesome view that the place had to offer.  Maybe I will visit them sometime during the day too, and make a second opinion for myself.


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