Babu and Coco

Some people just brush past your lives and impact you in a way that not even lifetimes of relationships do. Babu and Kokoo (Grandpa and Grandma in Kswahili) came into my life as a part of my spiritual journey. They left an indelible mark in my soul. I have met people. ..but none like them.

Pristine couldy white beard on Babu and exactly similar hair on Kokoo. Old but not frail….very strong persona….oozing warmth and smiles and love which could calm the most frenzy ne…rves and baffled minds. And above it all, they were so much in love with each other.

When Kokoo hugs me I feel maternal love oozing from her tight embrace. Without saying a word i feel i have conveyed what i wanted to. And when Babu hugs me he exudes quiet reassurance. His twinkling eyes and gentle smile tells me that I will get there someday.

It was just 3 months away that this bond started. I didn’t realise its going to be so small. They left for the States leaving me in tears. When I hugged her last we both couldn’t control our tears and though I was happy for them I wished I could tell them to stay. Dont go!!

They taught me great lessons in life…. stay young …age is just a number. Love selflessly – the only way to love. Be humble – God will take you places!! Husband and wife relationship is the most important relationship in the world!! If you love and respect each other everything else will fall in place. Most importantly in my case – stay quiet let God do the talking!!

Babu says the only Jesus people around you will ever see is “You”!!

I don’t promise….but I will try.

May God bless these wonderful people with abundant good health and many more years touching and blessing people who wish to see the light!!

Love them both forever n I will miss them forever too, coz I don’t know when and where or how I will see them again.

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