Bollywood Flick “PK”

PK was good. Different in a way that it touched the most relevant or should i say controversial of topics prevelant in India – religion. What i loved was this movie will give jitters to thousands of conmen walking around in saintly attires fooling the religiously blind people. It is so true ….If God created religion he would have stamped and send men and women.

I for one hate following blindly and without logic and I loved the logic in the movie.

God created man and ma…n in turn created religion…. God does not create fear, God does not ask for sacrifices but we live in such fear and are so blind to beliefs that we are willing to do anything and everything that anybody says in the name of religion!

As a person I am a strong believer that God is everything that shows love. Look around yourselves there are so many who need just a little bit of love, a few words said with a smile, an act of compassion. It might take a little out of your ego, it might take swallowing your pride a bit, or even giving up a little of your overflowing or limited luxuries….. God is there in all the good you do. In all those times you put down a little bit of yourselves to put him up a bit. God is there each time you stand a minute to stare at the beauty of nature or put down the phone to listen to the birds sing or the gurgling of the waves. God is there when you don’t ask questions on Agony Aunt or look for answers in self help books but look deep inside you and strain to hear his voice ever present inside. You don’t have to wear heavy stones on your fingers, or spend hefty fees at astrologers, you don’t have to donate for church n temple buildings or pretentiously bow every time you see a idol or a picture. He knows all the answers and he will always hold your hand – only if you allow him to. He knows your heart more than you do yourselves. So just connect yourself today by spending some time in peace and quiet and reaching out to his voice deep inside you and he will show you what you truly are and not what you need to be for the world.

Have a great New Year my friends. God bless you.

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