So finally I get to sit and eat at the most happening Burger joint in Dar.

I love burgers. Its my favourite fast food, and what could be more enticing for a hardcore burger fan that the patty was grilled and not fried. Honestly, that one thing that pulled me towards this joint, and as soon as it was announced I was there.

So whilst I have been running around doing take aways of the burgers I have never had a chance to sit down on the breezy seats laid down in front of the container joint.   Today me and Viha took off some time, and when she insisted that she wanted to have her  burger sitting down we quietly went up the winding wrought iron stairs to the roof of the container.  I loved just sitting there, having that place to myself, as it was late afternoon, well past lunch time, and there were very few people around, and whoever was there were happy being seated below.

I am not too much of a beef fan, though I do like them once in a while, my first choice was beef.  I liked it, but then my second time made me order chicken and boy, I am hooked.

I will just say that the beef patties are perfectly seasoned, not too much flavourings added, and they taste good.  But honestly there is something magical about their chicken  burgers.  They have such awesome seasonings, the perfect thickness of the patty, the colour is a rich orangy (I think it must be from paprika) and the smokiness from the grill goes oh so perfectly with it.  The burger is almost melt in the mouth with the perfect cheesiness from the cheese slice (I will say the cheese slice is a must, you are missing out on a magical ingredient if you say no to the cheese).  The little vegetables add the perfect crunchiness to the burger, while the bun is also the right size, not too bready.

I have never gone to beef burger again, and I dont think I will ever do so.  I am a fan, and I am here to stay.  With the affordable price, and such awesome flavour Burger 53 is here to stay in my list of favourite fast food in Dar, and it tops it so far.

Dont want to miss out on saying that the fries are also great -crispy and perfectly seasoned.

Also the fresh juices are refreshing to say the least, I had the mint and lemon juice and it was mind blowingly good.

The service is super with smiling and helpful staff, the wait isint too much and its worth every Tsh you are paying for it.

My daughter turned around and said, Mama can we have this burger every day from today?? I wouldnt say yes to her, but I’d say yes in my heart.

A big thumbs up to BURGER 53.  Those who havent paid a visit yet, please dont wait a minute longer.  The ambience is also swell, sitting below the tree or on the roof, enjoying the gentle Dar breeze and the smokiness from the grill, all make it worth being there.  Coal to the soul is the perfect tagline, as the flavours and the service does touch your soul.

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  1. Ali zoeb

    For the first time I feel we have so much patriotism and encouragement behind us, that you so much this wonderful article we honestly feel very special !

    • lifespice

      Its been a pleasure Ali, and you deserve every bit of it. I am putting this up on Tripadvisor as well, if you are listed there that is. Good luck

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