I am trying to write my second book, without even finishing the first one.  Well, if you ask Rajeev, he will just say.  That’s just Shella, and I will not help but smile. Because yes, that’s just me. 

I don’t know if anyone knows me so well as he does. I dont think anyone will ever do. I am expressive person, people can without much hum-drum read my face, but he can read my mind. He knows me  better than I know myself.  Feelings that I cant decipher for myself, he will do so.  He will tell me exactly what I want, and I am amazed at times, how he does.

There I go again…..wandering meandering from starting somewhere and ending up somewhere else!

So I have this thought playing in my mind of writing a book which talks about relations, friendships, heart aches and heart breaks. A book that talks about agape love, senseless love, love at its best and love at its worst. A book that talks about lust, greed, selfishness, ruthlessness and more. Something about the heart, and chains that bind the heart.

As humans, we have so many relations, so many feelings that bind us somewhere or to someone. Try as we might, we are not able to shake ourselves off those bonds and those people.   We are so bound by those relations that we don’t want to do anything to hurt those people, even at the cost of hurting ourselves.

Every time I open the file to start typing, I end up being poetic and writing some kind of stupid poetry.  Its strange, but it is true.

I don’t know why it is happening with me, and I am somewhere getting upset about it all.

Here’s what I just wrote.


The heart is bound
By chains unseen
What is it that tugs at it
What is it that pains?


A smile, a tear
A hurt, a fear
A love, a hurt
A tease, a flirt


Some people get into you
So deep, so deep
Some scratch, some tear you
To weep, to weep


I will cry till I die
I whimper in pain
My heart hurts
Oh….. I am about to burst


Someone makes me smile
Someone makes me laugh
Someone makes it worthwhile
And someone gives it all


Relations are bound
Friendships astound
Some come and go
Some I will never know


Its strange but true
Our deeds, our words
Maybe what the world sees who we are
but how we feel inside deep
and where we dont let everyone peep
is who we really are


it’s the heart, it’s the heart
that plays the biggest part
in choosing our smiles
in wiping our tears


But the heart binds
And the heart blinds
Its kind of overwhelming
That we live with the chains of the heart
To the end from the start



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