Some things in life are inevitable. For example, staying up really late and not feeling hungry – it is bound to happen. Those are the times when you really don’t want to think about calories and other things that distract you from food, and all you want to do is eat something which is satiating to your soul. For different people its different things. Some dig in the sweeter stuff and some the savoury goodies. For me its always the savoury and spicy over the sweet. I know people who would go gaga over rich creamy ice cream, or a dense slab of chocolate, a slice of rich cake but that’s just not me, at least not during the time I am hungry.

Partying and being out with friends is always good. Makes you feel good about life and living. But once too often everybody should try staying home and catching up a good movie you’ve longed to see, begin that book that’s been lying on your shelf for so long that you need to dust it before picking it up, or just rummaging through old cards, photographs……..or maybe just doing nothing. This is also a very good spend some alone time with your children and spouse without the “gang” around. You can use that time to pursue that part of you that you have lost touch with in the cacophony of life.

….coming back to hunger, when it strikes, this is what I make in the middle of the night.   A great sandwich wraped up with two of my favourite things – egg and cheese. Believe me, it comes out in almost the same time as you need to fall into deep slumber in the thick of the night, and is delicious to eat.   I have been making this since I was a young girl, and till now its one of my favourites and I christened it the Cheesy Eggmato Sandwich.


eggmato eggmato2

Time taken – 1 minute to assemble and 2 minutes to grill




1 boiled egg per sandwich

Half a tomato per sandwich

A sprinkle of crushed black pepper

A slice of cheddar cheese (you could also use any grated cheese)

Butter to spread

2 slices of any bread




Slice the egg and tomato and lay first the cheese slice then the tomato and then the egg

Sprinkle with pepper and close the sandwich

Spread the outer sides of the bread with butter and toast the sandwich on a high flame on a hot griddle pan only to give the bread a golden hue.


That’s all you need to do really. Its that fast

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