As I drove back home, getting upset about the evening traffic that I always encounter while leaving Viha’s swimming lessons, I saw a familiar face running up towards me.  He was running fast and as he came near I realized this was the same boy who I had met the last time on the same road.  You remember, the one I wrote to you about in my last post.

I was surprised, at the same time amused.  Was he coming for more money, since I gave him quite a bit last time.  But honestly, his face didn’t like he had come asking for something.  He was gleaming…….to the extent that there was shine on his face.

I quickly rolled down my window and he asked me if I remember him, quickly giving me details.  I said, I did remember him and how he was.  He thanked me profusely for the money I had given him, and said that he’s not been hungry since then.  I looked for my purse.   By that time he was quickly washing my screen again.

As he finished his job, he said “Dadaa, ee free – no money.  Asante Sana”.

I could see gratefulness seeping from his face, and I wondered how much some few notes, which might not be too much for us do for someone on the street.  The boy’s gesture and the fact that he was so much thankful for something so mere, made me tearful, and as I drove away my vision became hazy and I had to lift up my glasses and wipe off the tears that had welled up in my eyes.  We have so much, but do we quit complaining?   The boy had taught me a lesson a second time.  It is surprising how life’s lessons are strewn up everywhere you look, if only you care to look carefully enough.  We are so engrossed in our own daily routines, and our own fun and frolick that more often we ignore our surroundings, and the people who inhabit the space.

Take time out.  Really, put that phone or tabs down.  I promise you, you will be able to see much more of life looking outside that window screen, than on the screen in your hands.  Work will never end now, but your life will end some day, and before that day work will have ended too.  Don’t let that day be a day of regret when everything has slipped out of your hands, because you could never make time for what is really important.  Take time out and make someone smile.  Genuinely, try.  It really doesn’t take too much.  Maybe there is family who is craving for attention from you.  Maybe there are friends who you haven’t met or called for a long time.  Maybe there are parents, who wait by the phone wishing you’d call.  Maybe, there’s a God waiting for you to direct your attention towards him, say a word or two in prayer or thanksgiving.

I really hope I can see the boy again.  Maybe I will  buy him a cup of coffee and something to eat.

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