I am someone who gets hurt even by the slightest change of tone.  Some people find it weird but try as much I have not been able to change that part of me.  I however have been able to change my reactions over all these years of so called “growing up”.  Why do certain people react in a certain way to a certain situation – has no answer. Is it the way we have been brought up, or is it our nature.  I attribute the latter to such reactions .

A person was rude to me on the pretext of doing his job, and I just couldnt take the tone of his words. I feel that there was a better tone and manner in which he could have conveyed what he wanted to me.  The words he used sounded like an insult to me, while he felt he had all the right in this world to do so.  When I politely told him that he’s being rude, he kick backed saying “you are showing me attitude”.  I honestly felt that it was a waste of energy to even say anything, and walking away from the situation and cutting off the person was the best way to deal with it.

So who’s wrong – who’s not?

Nobody can say that.  The debate is endless ………to each, his own, and it is a fairly common occurrence in our lives.

I have always believed in sleeping over anything bad, and for me when I wake up I kind of get that bad dream kinda feeling, which makes me feel that “all is well”, and life goes on……….

And for those reasons, and for reasons that to live a good life you need to surround yourselves with good stuff.  How about some cranberry pistachio shortbread cookies.  I am no fan of either of the stars in these cookies, but boy, are they one pretty cookies, and therefore I love them.  I had picked up the recipe from BBC Good Food and made it without altering much of the recipe.

cranberry-and-pistachio-cookies cranberry-and-pistachio-cookies1


175g butter, softened
85g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
225g plain flour
75g pistachios
75g dried cranberries


Beat the butter and sugar with a electric mixer, add in the vanilla essence and mix

Sieve the flour and add the pistachios and cranberries.

Bring everything together with your hands.

Halve the dough and roll into logs.

Allow to chill for at least an hour.  You could even freeze these logs for baking later.

Slice them into half inch cookies and bake in a preheated oven to 180 deg cel for just 12 minutes.

Dont allow the cookies to brown.

Cool completely on a tray.

These make perfect gifts and of course they are great to eat at home for the Christmas season, or for that matter any other season.

I know the pictures are not so great……..but now that I slept over them, they seem fine.  Maybe in another era when I make these again, I will have a chance to click better pictures.

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