You need to take risks in life.  If you dont, you will never move forward.

I am somehow not very benignant to the whole idea of complacency and the coziness of mind it envelopes one in.  I feel that it is detrimental to the concept of growth.  Having experienced it myself at a very young age, I deeply regret it.  But this is life, we make mistakes and then stand up and shake ourselves, or there will be someone who will give us a hand to stand and then life carries on ………

In all aspects of our life till we do not take that step forward and take the risk of trying, owing to the fear of failing  – we will never know what we could have missed.  So take that risk. You may fail, you may hurt, but you will learn…..and even if you fail dont let that get you down. Failures are a part of life.  If we succeeded in all steps of life, there wouldn’t have been any fun in winning or achievement.

I remember reading an article about a young entrepreneur who is very sucessful saying that her father taught them to fail.  When I read the tagline I was pretty amused, thinking which father would teach their children to fail. But as I read on, it had that the girls father would sit at dinner table every evening and ask her and her brother what they had failed in that day.  If the children didnt have any failures, he would simply say that it was because they didnt try something!   The article made an incredible read.  I was truly enlightened as to how if we teach ourselves and our children to take failures into our strides instead of being miserable over them, we will be more willing to take risks in our lives.  The young lady said that this habit helped her to accept failures in her life and therefore she took on challenges without having to fear failure.

I personally know quite a few people who will not take the risk of trying out something new, even if it means as simple as a new dish their favourite restaurant!  And I really feel that its such a waste of opportunity.  Everytime I go and sit at a restaurant I really want to order something I have never ordered before.  It might not be good at all, but then, what if its good – is my question, and I really want to take that chance.

In my cooking escapades I take a lot of risks.  Some fail miserably and some end up in lip smacking goodness. This fish was one of the hits.

cream cheese fish fry


250 grms king fish

1 tspn ginger-garlic paste

1/4 tspn black pepper powder

cream cheese to spread



This is fairly simple.

Just marinate the fish in salt, ginger garlic paste and black pepper for about 10 minutes.

Spread cream cheese on one side

Heat a little olive oil in a pan and put the fish cream-cheese side first.

Apply the cream cheese on the other side as well and fry both sides for approximate 2 minutes each.





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  1. Shanti Nirale

    Wow….I’m gonna try this…never tht cream cheese wld go with fish…can we use snapper or tilapia?

    • lifespice

      Yes you could do this with any fish with less bones. Let me know. Hugs

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