I am once again going to say something about the most versatile root in the whole wide world – POTATOES. Day or night, ample or lack of time, exotic or simple -you can use them anyway your heart pleases.

I am not going to waste any more time on praises of this , but give you the recipe……..

Ing –
4/5 potatoes – scraped and diced
8/9 flakes of – garlic chopped finely
1 big onion – diced roughly
juice of 1/2 lime
2 tbspn – mustard oil
1/4 tspn – ajwain / bishop seeds
1/4 tspn – jeera / cumin seeds
1/2 tspn – turmeric oil
1/4 tspn – garam masala
1/2 tspn – red chilli powder

Method –
In a kadai smoke the mustard oil & add both cumin & bishop seeds. They will sputter immediately.
Add the garlic & just about 2 secs later, add the onions.
Add the potatoes & some salt.
Close the lid of the pan & let them turn crisp on high flame. Keep stirring in between so that the potatoes dont burn.
In this process the garlic & onions will roast(i.e, turn dark brown in colour).
Once the potatoes are a golden brown in colour, just slice one or two to ensure that they are fully cooked.
Add the turmeric first & stir to coat evenly.
Then add the garam masala, chilli powder.
Lastly sqeeze the lime on top & stir.
Without the lid, on high flame let the potatoes roast on high flame for about a minute or two – stirring in between.

This made a lovely lunch for the both of us with chappatis, though they were not as crispy as they initiatlly were. I feel that they can be served as an excellent side-dish for cocktails or for a dinner.

The roasted garlic & onions gave an excellent flavor to the potatoes .

I am also sending this over to dear Sunita for her “THINK SPICE ……THINK GARLIC” event. Hope she likes it.

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  1. Sia

    roasted garlic with potatoes!!! i can almost taste them…. yum…
    thanks shella for leaving a comment in my blog and leading to yours:)

  2. Rina

    Looks yumm dear.. Can’t wait to try this. Garlic and Aloo, anytime!!!!
    Nice entry.


    Wow looks so delicious and nice entry for the event!

  4. bird's eye view

    Sounds delicious – and I’m a huge potato and garlic fan, so will try out. I’ve never made crisp potatoes with garlic added.

  5. Shella

    Sia – the flavors are yummm, n dear this is not the first time you’ve visited my blog, n not my first time at your either. But it certainly has been a long while. I think you cant make out probably coz I’ve changed the template so many times after that.

    Rina – i know, they go sooo well.

    RAKS – yeah, it was really good.

    BEV – you sure must try it out, n you will never give up on this one. Its always so conveient to make.

  6. TBC

    Love potatoes and garlic separatley and love it even more together!

  7. Kribha

    I love potato fry especially with lots of garlic in it. Too bad I can’t eat it now as I’m on a diet. You are tempting me too much girl.

  8. Shella

    TBC – whole heartedly agree with you.

    Archana – sweet potatoes are a nice idea.

    Kribha – but this wont be too much indulgence. Its not fried, n how much harm could a potatoe or two do to you??

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