My penultimate experience of patriotism was visiting the Wagah border about 4 years  before.  What an amazing experience, and the whole feeling one gets just being in that place, and listening to those patriotic songs from Indian movies just gets the allegiance running through your veins like wild-fire, gives you goosebumps and a sense of immense belonging and pride.  But does the country belong to us, or does it belong to the chair-holders of parliament?

Besides being head over heels in love with Indian food, there’s pretty much nothing that makes my heart tick when it comes to India. That does not mean I have little value for my country, I so much do. The cultural diversity, the heart of people, the warmth in our traditions, the beauty of the land, the rich heritage all this and more I carry safe in my heart.  What however puts me off is the lack of respect for life, the deep rooted personal interest of the political breed, the atrocities towards women which has just become more blatant with passing times – and the fact that nothing is done about it.  It goes on, and on, and on………

I know its easy for me to say the above, sitting far away from the country and from my cozy chair, but the truth is somewhere out there that politics is a dirty muddle which will not let you go off its snares, and things are not a cake-walk.

Amidst all this hullabaloo of the surgical strike between India and Pakistan, all I see are scheming democrats whose main concern is the power in their hands, and not once do they care about the country and its people!  Is there anybody who can tell me that is not the case so?

It makes me smirk when I see on Pakistan national news to see Mr. Imran Khan ooze out candid hostility, but mind you not so much towards India, but towards his own fella chair holder Mr. Nawaz Sharif.  Oh what a glorious opportunity draped in gold it is for Mr. Khan to come up with his right foot forward with his eyes nowhere else but the seat of the Prime Minister of Pakistan.   His valor and aplomb can put even the best politicians to shame in the manner with which he time and again pushes this thick coal dyed hair from his forehead to his scalp, as if he were shooting for a commerical, or just a hit a sixer on the cricket field.  I have little to say about Mr. Sharif, in the just the same manner as he himself is at loss of words more often than not.

In my own country, I feel Arnab has taken the onus of making this war happen, roping in all kind of people in his stride.  There is a war of words happening in his show.  All that there is a gibberish of words of which none is understood, and there is no meaning let alone outcome to anything at all.

Everybody wants war.  Pakistans politician wish for war because they want Kashmir. Indian authority holders want war because they will not give up on Kashmir.  There are also the lay people of these two countries whose hearts imbibe the rancor which has seeped into their blood over time and generations, so much so that a mere sport like cricket reeks of hostility.  How sad is that?

Why this war over Kashmir? Has anybody every thought about the people for whom fear has become a way of life?  Where children are not scared of guns, and where bullet firings are as mundane as the chirping of birds…..

What is the truth in war?  The only truth in war is casualty.  The only truth in war is heartbreak.  The only truth in war is the orphaned children, windowed wives, heartbroken parents – and the tears that never cease in their lives, which will never be the same again.   All they have is a framed photograph to clutch and memories to increase the pain.

Will any of these so called chair holders step down on the forefront and bear the brunt of those bullets that pierce without remorse or ruth?  Any one of these men and women who give big speeches of mettle and sock, from the safety of their chairs, more often sipping chai and biscuit, will they ever dare to even step out anywhere close to this zone?  You know the answer.

The cruelty of war is war itself, because nobody cares about those soldiers and civilians except their own people, and to the rest of the world they are just “numbers” being announced on the television screen.

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