Pressures on your time are so hard that you just wish things would just be done on their own……..the clothes would be laundered, the house cleaned, n the food cooked. So much so that you wish that an army of fairies would invade your home while you are away, n make your wish their command……..wishful thinking – isint it???

Well but there are a few things, that are so easy…I mean really a jiffy to cook n effortless at that, n yet so very fulfilling n comforting that it truly would make you wonder if it was you who did it- or say, ….”a fairy”. The output of this super-duper simple recipe is too good n it can be had as a simple homely meal, or be a conversation starter at a party!! I love it in my own way, I hope you will too.

The following recipe would comfortably serve 2/3 people.

Ing –
1 medium glass basmati rice
1 big onion
1/2 cup – fresh sweet peas
2 pcs – 1 inch stick of cinnamon or equivalent

Wash & soak the rice grains for about 15 mins
In a cooker add a generous quantity of ghee (you can reduce the ghee if you are too concious, but the ghee brings out the best in the dish)
Add the cinnamon sticks & let the aroma rise.
Add the onions till they are pink in colour. Dont let them turn brown at all.
Add the peas & the drained rice grains.
Fry these well for about 2 mins on high flame.
Add salt.
Add the same glass full of water & close the lid.
Just allow one whistle, let the steam pass.

You have the most simple yet most flavorful rice you’ve ever tasted.

If you are cooking in a vessel n not a cooker, add 2 glasses of water & cook till the water is dried, stirring occassionally.

I am sending this post to Sunita’s Spice of the Month – Cinnamon Event.

…….an afterthought – didnt realize I am late for the event. I am nonetheless sending the entry to dear Sunita, n hoping she would accomodate me!!! Keepin fingers crossed

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  1. Vani

    That looks yum! The recipe is so simple -love it!

  2. Nags

    this is probably the only dish in which i use cinnamon regularly. nice entry 🙂

  3. Sagari

    yummy yummy pulaoo

  4. sweetrosie

    so nice to meet you Shella and thank you for the beautifully simple recipe for my favourite Basmati rice.

    I look forward to reading all your archives- you have a fantastic blog.

    Very best wishes for the festive season and for 2008.

  5. ruthEbabes

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your very sweet comments! We had a wonderful day and look forward to the new year now!

    Loving your blog! Just added it to my RSS reader

  6. bhags

    Mutter pulao is my all time fav dish, dalchini just makes it more rich in taste….:)

  7. Laavanya

    That is easy and I liked the fairies invading our homes bit.. How I wish it were true.

  8. Shella

    Vani – it really is very simple.

    Nags – i too love using cinnamon to flavor my rice dishes. They go so well.

    Sagari – mmmmmm, it was yummy.

    Sweetrosie – thanks for dropping by, n for the gracious compliments. It would be really nice if you could try some of the recipes.

    Ruth – thanks for being here, n for the compliments, n for adding my blog to your feeder. Hope you could try some recipes.

    Bhags – i am in love with the simplicity of this dish.

    Laavanya – yes dear….as i said – wishful thinking!!!

  9. sunita

    Thanks for the lovely recipe…and btw, if those fairies happen to drop by at your place, could you please send them over to ours as well 😉

  10. Shella

    Sunita – ohhhhh how I wish they would, I would surely n definitely send them over to your house. How lovely it would be…….

  11. Rina

    Shella dear, Pulav looks gr8..Sure to try this simple one..

  12. Anamika:The Sugarcrafter

    Hi Shella
    Discovered you blog by accident but loved your content. Greetings to you from Botswana

  13. Shella

    Rina – pls do try.

    RAKS – it was simple n yumm

    Anamika – thanks for dropping by, n for your comments too. Have a great year.

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