Many years ago, I was still a foodie. (laugh).  Honestly I was, and I would like to a foodie throughout my life. I really feel what it would be like for people who cant eat good food, or don’t want to eat good food.  Though, I have never known anybody like that. Thank God for little mercies. I am sure if I had known someone like that, I would do everything in my caliber to convert the person to a food lover.

I have this bad habit of swaying away into another world……just like that. I started “many years ago” to tell you people that many years ago when we were visiting Kochi we had gone to a “tattu kada”.  These are shops on wheels mostly selling food.  This particular shop was immensely popular for dishing out 120 styles of dosas.  Really, that was my first, hearing of such a great variety of dosas. As a young foodie I was totally excited. I must have been around 16 then.  We were loads of us – cousins, aunts, uncles waiting for our preference of dosa next to the cart, inhaling the aroma of chutney and warm buttery dosas.  I am not lying when I say I cant still smell it.

Ok did I tell you somewhere, I have another love. Eggs. I love em anyways except raw, even a little bit raw is a total no-no for me. I love egg curry, poached egg curry, boiled eggs, omelette, scrambled, frittata……….is there anything I’ve left? Yes there is. I love egg dosa.

Yes that’s what I had that day. A really bold choice, but I had to make it. I couldn’t resist it, and I don’t regret it.  It was yummylicious.  It was simply an egg broken over a dosa. I mean I couldn’t think of this combination ever, but boy, was it good, and it has stayed with me since then.

egg dosa1

Here’s how I make it.


Time : 3-4 minutes per dosa


Dosa Batter
Crushed black pepper
one egg per dosa

Oil the dosa griddle pan
Spread out the dosa batter on the pan
Break open an egg on the dosa and give a gentle swirl to spread as much of the egg white as you can on the dosa
Use a dome to cover the dosa and leave it for about 2 minutes
Open the lid and spread a little butter, or for that matter as much butter as you want on the sides of the dosa and on top of the egg
sprinkle some crushed black pepper and salt and allow the egg to firm up nicely
Now here you can take out the dosa with the egg cooked as per your liking, runny or well done.
The trick is to put the griddle on a very low flame, use the burner with low heat.
Eat it with the dahl chutney I made along with it.


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