This one is a real debil (I say so coz this is a Bong recipe & this is how a Bong would pronouce Devil !!! they exchange the “v” for a “b”……n so on & so forth). I picked it up from one of the issues of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING & thought it was really worth the try, n it really was.

So here it goes :-

6 eggs – hardboiled & shell removed
1/2 kg mince meat – you can use either chicken or mutton or beef (as per your preference) – boiled
3/4 slices of white bread – sprinkle some water on the bread slices & squeeze out the water.
salt as per taste
1 cup breadcrumbs – you may not use the full cup, but you will need it for rolling the kebabs
2 tsp – garam masala powder
green chillies according to taste
1 big onion – chopped
1 tsp – grated ginger
1 bunch – corriander leaves, cleaned & chopped

Method :-

In a kadai heat a little oil. Add the chopped onions & green chillies & the ginger into the oil.
When the onions turn pinkish brown, add the garam masala powder & the salt. Saute for about 1 min & add the cooked mince meat (if you’ve added salt already to the meat while cooking you can leave out the salt added earlier, or adjust the taste).
Let it cook till the water is all dried & the mixture turns into a nice brown colour.
When cooled add the bread into this mixture & use your hands to blend both very well.
Add the corriander leaves.
Now take the egg & cover it well with the mince meat mixture. Ensure a tight binding around the egg.
Cover all eggs this way & keep aside
Now break an egg into a bowl, beat well using a pinch of salt.
Meanwhile heat oil in a kadai
Dip the rolls into the egg & roll over breadcrumbs
Fry till brown & crunchy
When the kebabs are cool cut them into two halves & serve hot with corriander / mint chutney or ketchup.

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