Hamza Passed Away

On a peaceful Saturday afternoon, after we’ve had our lunch and whilst chilling and relaxing, enjoying the pleasure of the airconditioner in the sultry blinding Dar heat, Rajeev gets a call intimating that one if his office drivers Hamza met with a accident, sustaining severe head injuries. It was shocking news to both of us. All of 22 years, a young and handsome chap….his efficiency had moved my husband to use him in operational works at the office.

As Rajeev rushed t…o go to the hospital, and left without much ado, all the while hoping that he’s going to be just fine, I got into a thinking mood. Imagine, I knew him so well, in my early days of moving to Dar he had shown me around a few places once too often, and he even accompanied us to a trip to Mikumi National Park, where I sitting in the front seat had chatted with him about Dar and other mundane matters during the long drive…..never did I ever think, this could happen.

Last two days my mind would often reach out to the young man battling with death, of how is doing now, and making silent prayers of his recovery. I once too often thought how it must be for him to be there in the ICU, unconscious and oblivious of the woes of his family and their pain to see him in that state!! How a split second incident has caused his misery, and how paltry we are against our fate.

Today morning when my driver reached home I enquired, and was told that he is coming from the hospital, and Hamza had thankfully gained sensed though he has a loss of memory, but he is hopeful to recover in this coming week. We were both relieved to hear this and so the day started on a good note, and I thanked God for his kindness!!

In the late noon a message beeped on my phone and as I picked it up to read, was shocked to see a note from Rajeev saying Hamza passed away just now. I was quite taken aback and speechless. How could this happen?? I was told he’s better now…then this??

I didn’t know if I was angry or sad …..but there staring right on the face was the truth about life ….DEATH. Here today, gone tomorrow. Nothing can change that part of our destiny. We all need to go, and all that we hold dear to us, we shall leave behind. We wont be allowed to choose, might not be given time to say the words that we want to say, might not be able to do the things we’ve always wanted to do, it may be expected, or may come as a surprise. We all will bid adieu to this world, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, financial stature, official standing, good or bad.

May his soul find peace, wherever he is. May the Lord have mercy n judge compassionately.

This is a gentle reminder to watch our words, actions n deeds….coz sooner or later we will be judged.

Hamza was supposed to marry on the 13th of this month!!!

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