Hi girls

I am so releived to have my MIL here with me. She brought with her, a bag loaded with goodies – yes – n believe me they are her Trademark. Nobody makes the North Indian goodies as good as she does. Her namak paare, shakkar paare, gud paare, paapdi & mathri are all out of this world, n beat everything in front of them

I am sharing with you all one recipe of Gud Paare. I can never make them the way she does, I guess it has a lot to do with “maa ka pyar” (n loads of oil / ghee!!!). You have to ignore the part in the brackets if you want to taste they goodies.

Ing –
1/2 kg – maida
3/4 cup – oil
250 gm – jaggery
1 tspn – saunf / fennel seeds
Oil for frying

Method –

In a big dish take the maida.
Now pour oil into the maida & add little by little oil, n mix it into maida till when you the dough mixture holds together.
Please remember that you dont have to knead it like you do for chappatis.
When the mixture has attained the consistency when it holds together, then add some water & knead it into a hard dough.
Take a big ball of dough & roll it into a half inch thick chappati.
Now cut them into vertical strips, & then further cut them into 2 inch strips.
Heat oil & fry the strips till crispy.
Set them aside & drain the oil.
Chop the jaggery into small peices.
Take another pan & add the jaggery into it.
On a slow flame melt the jaggery, stirring all the time
Cook till you attain the consistency where you add a drop of jaggery into the water n it solidifies.
Add the saunf.
Now immediately add the fried strips into this pan & using two ladels mix them quickly so that they are coated.
Transfer them onto a big dish & let them cool.
Now using a light hand separate the strips.

Try this all of you, n let me know the results. It sure is going to win your husbands & kiddies heart

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  1. Rina

    Ooh! these are mt fav, thanx for sharing

  2. Latha

    I have tasted para with jaggery only once… glad to have the recipe. Actually my mom makes shakkar pare for every diwali. She doesn’t know that it’s a commonly made sweet in North India and thinks it is her own creation;) but we never tell her the truth… I’ll remember to give the little tip of adding saunf to the dough, though!

  3. Sirisha Kilambi

    Shella….U made my day…:-)
    I absolutely love these…thanks for the recips 🙂

  4. Lakshmi@TOM

    OOoo…lovely snack. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nags


  6. Asha

    Beautiful snack to munch on!:))

  7. Shella

    Rina – thanks dear

    Latha – your story is chooooooo chweet. Give your mom a puchi from my side.

    Shirisha – hey, glad to know that. Try n let me know.

    Lakshmi – anytime my dear.

    Nags – hope you get to make them too.

    Sona – yeah, have been unwell. I guess you are right, but can never match upto her taste. She really has magic in her hands!!!

    Asha – I know, ask me. I can never stop my hands from going into the dubba!!!

  8. Seena

    Shella, have a wonderful time with MIL..
    So u get so many tasty dishes, lucky girl..

    loved this, thanks dear for sharing..

  9. bindiya

    wow shella, what a great recipe, all thx to ur ma in law!

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