I really love chocolates, though the milk sweet ones  are never a bait to me.  I am a weakling when it comes to flavoured and  filled dark chocolates. Nothing could beat that intense luxury of having a finely made chocolate melt in your mouth. I guess I am talking like a hard core chocolate lover. Lindor from Lindt are my ultimate favourites when it comes to easily accessible good quality fine chocolates in Dar.  I remember being at the Lindt store in Cape Town and my behaviour was wantonly no better than my 5 year old!  We both unabashedly picked out all the flavours we could set out for tasting and then filled out baskets with “if tomorrow never comes” kind of chocolates.  Infact, by the time we reached back to Dar, we had even managed to finish off what we had picked to give away as gifts to friends, and to be truthful we did all this well hidden from Rajeev, just in case he might want to taste one of them.  So you can imagine how crazy we both mother and daughter are for dark chocolates.

Strangely though, chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes and chocolate ice cream never lure me so much as the real deal “dark chocolate” does.  I have no answers to such peculiar behaviour.

I was overwhelmed when a dear friend Rupal gifted me a divine box of chocolates on my Anniversary.  Since it was a pre-anniversary gift I decided to open it only on the anniversary day and not before that.

After picking up the box, I had to really demonstrate a lot of self control to not open the fridge again and again, and step up the temptation to just try one.

The box contained an whole assortment of chocolates which she called “The Discovery Box”. There were two pieces of each flavour and we were supposed to eat each flavour together and try and discover which flavour it is!  Sounded utterly delicious and romantic.  Appreciate the thought that went into the making.  She really had some truly awesome flavours and the quality of chocolate used was great.

My favourite was the Bongo Chilli and Salted Caramel.


Thank you dear Rupal for that beautiful gift.

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  1. Siddhartha

    Good local produce….. seriously good!!!

    • lifespice

      Sadly after this post I came to know the lady has quit making chocolates because of non-availability of good chocolate at good rates. Tsk Tsk….

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