The more I try not to think of you today,

the more you come to my  mind.

You smile, your kindness, and more still

the twinkle in your eyes.


Why did you have to go Dad?

Why couldnt you just stay

You were so strong,

and had love for life

Couldnt you keep death away?


Everytime that I needed you

You were just a phone call away

Now I just sit silently

and do things my way


You told me everything was fine

Your love for me made your eyes shine

No eyes ever shine like yours did Daddy

No love comes close to your love Daddy


In my mind I talk to you

Sometimes I look at passing clouds and think of you

Sometimes its the stars I see you in

But you are nowhere, I know deep within


You were someone who read my silence

even through a phone call

I hated you, I loved you

You were my daddy, my friend, my all


I cant just say “come back Daddy”

I know you wont, I know you cant

But I know just oneday…..someday

I can hug you all I want


I love you Daddy.  Wishing you a very happy birthday in heavens.

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