Happy New Year 2015

Thank you everybody who walked along with me in my journey of 2014 in either a small or a big way. It meant a lot even if it wasn’t good …It has taught me a lesson.

Moving into a new country and transformation of “hate it” to kinda “like it” now. From a stage of missing the scenic beauty of Nairobi and my friends there, to making new friends here in Dar and enjoying the splendor of the sea and majestic mountains….From the reluctance of leaving my dream baby of The Spic…e Safari in Nairobi to begin as a professional Writer and pursue a dream in the same direction.

I am thankful to be able to have the luxury of watching my daughter grow every moment and be there for her ….to hold her in my arms at her every saddened curl of her lips and smile and laugh at her make jokes of me. I am amazed to see her grow and I urge mothers who pursue careers that if God is kind and monetary issues could be managed with one salary then be a stay at home mum and see your kids grow….They will always be thankful and you will never regret.

I am thankful for being able to take care of my home and my husband and parents and be able to attend to their needs.

I am thankful to have a while and watch clouds pass by and waves hit the shore, to see the sun go down the Ngorongoro hills.

For all I had and all I didn’t. …am thankful! !

Have a great New Year everybody! !

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