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When Pizza first came to India it was an instant rage. I remember all the hullabaloo about Pizza Hut and Dominoes. Even today, I think the to-go take away for families is Dominoes.  Honestly though I believe that they are purely over-rated and I am not a fan of Dominoes Pizza.  I would prefer Pizza Hut over it any day.

Whats there not to like about something which gives you your favourite toppings, the kind of crust you like and the icing on the cake or the cheese on the pizza. I love Pizza. Lately, I find that I have started making it so frequently, mostly on a weekly basis, coz everybody just loves it.

I do make my own pizza base using oats and wheatflour, but you know what a lazy girl I am, and I hide behind the convenience of buying store brought pizza base.  Shucks, I said it out loud.  I promise I am going to make my own next time.

But for nothing in the world will I buy a store brought pizza sauce. Over the years I have started making a batch of pizza sauce which is really great. I havent followed any recipe for it, but just kind of developed my own.

Hey you mommies out there, you’ll love me for telling you how I sneak in veggies into this sauce. Yeah you heard me right. Veggies in the pizza sauce.  Even my hard core non vegetarian baby know about it. I cannot tell you how much I love the feeling of being the  boss here. I am sure you know it for sure.

Believe me, its easy peasy. Make a big batch and freeze it.


margarita pizza1 margarita pizza


Time – 15-20 minutes (depending on how much you are making)
Delivers – 500 grms of pizza sauce good for at least 10 regular size pizzas.


2 big ripe tomatoes (pureed in the blender)
2 big onions (chopped or pureed as per your preference)
4-5 flakes of garlic
1 tbspn – dried basil
1 tbspn – dried herb mix
1 tbspn – olive oil
2 tbspn – ketchup
2 big carrots – grated finely
1 capsicum – chopped finely
2 zucchinis – grated finely
1 tbspn – mayonnaise
250 grms – tomato paste
1 tbspn – salt
1 tspn – sugar


In a pan add the oil and heat.
Add in finely grated garlic and after about half a minute add the chopped onion. If your kids are finicky about onions just puree the onions and cook them till golden. If you are using chopped onions cook till soft and golden.
Now add the tomato puree (the blender one)
Cook till oil seperates.
Add the capsicum and vegetables. Remember that you could use any veggie that will comfortably blend into the sauce. Try pumpkin, cauliflower. Even a little amount of green will not be noted, but be careful lest you end up with a green sauce. Be smart, but not oversmart.
Ok now once the veggies have cooked down add the tomato paste. Tomato paste gives a great depth in the flavor.
Let this cook for about 5 minutes.
Once done add the herbs and stir well.
Add the salt and sugar.
Once you switch off the flame add the mayonnaise. I don’t know why I started doing this, but I do, and I the sauce get that extra oomph because of this ingredient. You know how some people love mayo. I am one of them. If you don’t, you can just leave it out.

So there you have a great sauce for your pizza. So now even if your kiddos are fussy about toppings you can just add cheese and rest assured that they are still getting some nutrients.

This sauce is so flavoursome that you need not cover it with a lot of cheese.


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