When you come to a new place, there come a lot of new experiences along with it………right??

New people, new surroundings, new foods, new markets, new weather……..new, new, new!!!

I am surrounded by “new” right now, and honestly I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I am experimenting with food mostly, and loving going around the markets, exploring new ingredients.

I dont know how many of you enjoy a certain sweetness in your food.  Sweetness as not in desserts, but sweetness in your main course, your curries??  I certainly love that tinge of sweet in my curries.  I almost always add a little sugar to most of my cooking, especially gravies!!  Yes thats a secret.

I had Honey Chilly Chicken at a nearbly Chinese Restaurant the other day, and honestly since then I have been craving to have my own version of the same.   So here it was, and it tasted great, appropriately flavoured to my own liking….


1st step –

1/2 kg boneless chicken – diced into small cubes
1/2 cup – cornflour
1 tbspn soya sauce
1 egg
1 tbspn – chilli sauce
salt to taste

2nd step –

1 big onion – chopped into big chunks
1 big capsicum – chopped into big chunks
1 tbspn – soya sauce
1 tbpn – honey
green chillies – as many as you like
1 tsp – tabasco sauce
1 tsp – vinegar
salt to taste

Recipe :

1st step

Make a paste (as you would for pakoda) with the ingredients above except for the chicken
Dip the chicken pcs into this paste and fry crisp
keep aside

2nd step

Add some oil into the pan. 
Add the capsicum, green chillies and the onions and saute them on slow flame stirring in between
Cook till the onions are tender and pink and the capsicum has cooked
Add the soya sauce, tabasco and salt
Mix well
Add about 1/4 cup of water and let it come to a boil
Add the chicken pcs. Mix well
Add the honey and mix well
Add the vinegar and mix well

You have a really delicious dish to enjoy either alone or with boiled rice. 

It is a completely satisfying meal, you sure wont crave for a dessert, even though the sweetness is not too much

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