My Dad taught me that it is “okay”!

I see so many other people around me stress about being coercive in their lives. About going to work everyday, about taking a bath every morning, about being dressed impeccably, about not letting go, and so many other things they are so bull-headed about.

On the other hand, I am one of those beings who flow freely. I kind of adapt myself to my own whims, whilst following a certain stringency in terms of discipline. I hate procrastination of the urgent in life, like watching a new movie without missing the Titles, eating the first fruits of the season, finishing off the top priority bare minimal work and then being relaxed that the rest is passable, whilst I am divinely flexible of the things I can put off – laundry, television, an unkempt cupboard, and all those things that wont stop me from breathing.

I honestly, don’t know which one is good. But I still know its “okay” to be “okay”.

I had the freedom in school to take a day or two off, if it was just one of those days when its raining in the morning and me and my brother couldn’t push ourselves out the bed, and would snuggle up more into the sheets, especially with our little spitz curling up at our feets.

I had the freedom to be wrong once in a while. I even had the freedom to lie once in a while. I had the freedom to dance in the rain and sing on top of my voice.

I am the kind of person who will stop a while to soak up the sun, to stop a minute to take a whiff of fresh green leaves, to wait a minute to see the crackle of laughter of a toddler, or hear a list of meaningless complaint from an elderly, to run my hands though the furry chest of a four legged friend. I cry without hesitation and laugh uncontrollably.

Growing up that way, I truly appreciate the fact that whilst discipline and rigidity in life might take you far ahead in life than it would take me, I am the one who is going to live a larger life.

Today, whilst I teach my child to follow a discipline in terms of following a stipulated time for everything, I also teach her that its “okay” if once in a while she does not want to go to school, just without any particular reason.
I want her to know that its “okay” if in life, she goes astray, but she needs to know the way back home and also the reassurance that the doors will be open for her.

I want her to know that however rough the tides of life are, and however much there are pressures, its still “okay” if she decides to put it all aside and lay her back to rest – the world will not crumble and fall, she can still get up and pick up from where she left with more energy.

I want her to know that is “okay” if she doesn’t excel everywhere, but she should know the lessons of life well enough to walk the road with confidence and hope.

I want her to know that is “okay” if she doesn’t reach an important meeting on time, if only she has taken a longer route to drop a needy friend to an important interview.

I want her to know that is “okay” to be able to walk freely without the pressure of being best dressed, and yet look the best amongst the rest, because it is not her attire that should speak but her soul that exudes lights.

I want her to know that even if the house is in a mess, and there’s a whole load of laundry to do, it is still “okay” if she decides to put that all behind and go out in the park and watch life pass by! Dirty laundry does not mean Word War III
I want her to know that its “okay” if the bank balance is lesser than the life she saw and lived while travelling the world.
Most importantly I want her to know that its perfectly “okay” to be silent and not cause hurt than speak bitter words and get even, at the same time I also want her to learn to speak out and clear the air than choke herself of misunderstanding with people she really cares about.

I want her to know that she has just one life, and its “okay” to live it without regrets and disappointment in oneself.

My dad taught me that its “okay” to be the person that I wanted to be, and not be forced into the person that the world wants to see. I want my child to learn the biggest lesson in life – I want to teach her that its really “okay”!

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