I dont like gajar ka subzi, but my husband loves it…..so what do I do……make it…….but not eat it, or reluctantly swallow some…..result – lot of leftover subzi. Its not that it doesnt taste good, but somehow I dont like gajar in a subzi. This recipe was invented last winters, when one day I had a really good amount of subzi left over. Great as I am, I took some aata…..n wait…..see the recipe below.

Ing –
1 cup – gajar subzi
1 cup – aata
1/2 tsp – ajwain seeds
1 bunch – corrinader leaves finely chopped
Add a little bit of both salt and chillies, keeping in mind that the subzi already has these two ingredients.

Method –
Mix all this into a smooth dough, dont add water, unless it is necessary, which generally wont be, or very little will be required.
Make this into parathas.

Blv me I loved them, and they were soooooooooo beautiful to look at, absolutely red (Indian carrots during winters are red in colour – not the orange ones).

When winter comes I will post the pics for both the gajar and the parathas also.

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  1. Pravs

    Hey shella, thanks for coming by. Good recipes out here. Oh yeah, even i am a big addict at collecting recipes and had bulks of papers stored up too…but i lost all that 🙁 Now i think, blogging is the best way to store the recipes.
    Do try the recipes and let me know if you like them.

  2. Shella

    I will Pravs. Thanks for dropping by. I have thankfully stacked up my collection. But yes, you are right. I guess a blog is a much better way to store them.

    Looking forward to more interaction.

  3. rv

    hey thats a nice way to utilize leftover sabji:) , me and mom also used to collect the recipes from tv, we used to be in front of the tv when a show starts and start writing on the diary:) mom infact has a huge diary collection of recipes:)

  4. Shella

    Dairy collection reminds me RV that my boss’s found an old dairy of his mom’s in her cupboard when she passed away, which was full of recipes & tips. He had printed versions of that daily made & handed over one to me. That’s a keeper. I go through it often & maybe I’ll pass on recipes from there too.

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