So us Indians have grown up listening to the jingle on national television “maggie maggie maggie”. I still remember the day Maggie was launched and a great marketing technique a packet of Maggie was given to every child in school. What an excitement it was to go home and actually have mummy make that packet. As long as I can remember Maggie was the one and only snack that we used to get as kids and boy, did we relish that bowl of Maggie so, so much. It was like something we’ve never tasted before. Mummy’s food tasted so low profile in front of this slurpy goodness, and of course we also slurped it just like the kid on t.v..

Those were good old days, a lot of joy in simple things. There was nothing but Maggie avaialble in the market, and we had no choice. Today if we look at our kids, I mean the kind of choices they have is not funny. Wherever they turn there are choices galore. I guess that’s why kids these do not value things so much as we did.

But coming back to the topic – MAGGIE. Till we had Viha me and Rajeev had a very favourite dinner once in a while and that was super spice maggie. After we had her, till a certain time we used to wait for her to sleep and then we used to make this. Our only intention of hiding was this thing was super addictive, once you are hooked you are hooked for life. We failed in our mission. Soon Viha was exposed to Maggie and every once in a while she would have the privilege of having some maggie, which she of course loved, and like all mothers, I too couldnt understand how she loved that maggie so much. One afternoon, I had taken for Viha her regular maggie for lunch and there sitting beside her I had taken for myself as a luxury a small box of this spicy maggie. Viha asked “can I just taste some?” I said “go ahead but you wont like it, its very spicy”. She took one small forkful, and there it was, she was hooked. She said “why dont we exchange boxes mumma”? I said “no way – its not happening” and we had to fight for that box of spicy masala maggie, and in the end we agreed to share it.

So maybe you will want to try it too.

Main aur meri masala maggie …..

Time take – 5 minutes _ yes actually I do it on two burners

Servies – 2


2 packets maggie (you could use any variety)

1 tspn oil

2 tbspn onions chopped finely

2 cloves garlic grated

1 tbspn red bell pepper finely chopped (optional)

1 tbspn carrots finely chopped (optional)

2 tbspn ketchup

2 tbspn thai sweet chilli sauce

2 tbspn any super hot sauce (i use the african pili pili sauce if you are in any other part of the world, use red chilli powder instead 1 tspn)

1 tspn vineger

a pinch of sugar

loads of green corriander leaves and some fresh green chillies chopped


In a pan take just 1 cup water per packet and boil the maggie along with the masalas

On the other burner keep a wok and add the oil.

Fry the onions, peppers, carrots and garlic.

Once they soften add the sauces and vineger and the sugar.

By this time the maggie on the other burner must be cooked with the amount of water it will be a little on the raw side but thats fine.

Just add the maggie to the wok and stir well.

Add the corriander leaves and chillies and mix well.

Your sumptuous masala maggie is ready.

I have tried lot of variations in this by adding peanuts, by adding egg. You could also be innovative but this is the best one so far.

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