Makai ki roti (Indian Corn meal bread) is something that is relished throughout the Northern part of India, especially during winters – piping hot, with a dollop of butter on it. Given below is the recipe for this wonderful bread ….

Ing –
250 gms – cornmeal / makkai ka atta
1 – raddish / mooli.
A few raddish leaves (optional)
2 – green chillies
a few stalks of fresh corriander leaves.
salt as per taste
ghee to shallow fry

Method –
Scrape the raddish & grate it into the flour
Chop the green chillies, both the leaves & the salt
Add salt & water to knead it into a dough
Let me tell you one thing, this dough will not be kneaded the way we do for chappatis
You will just have to add enough water to bind all ingredients together.
It shouldnt be too wet.
Heat a non-stick girdle / tawa
Add 1/2 a spoon fo ghee
Take big lump of the dough & flatten it onto the tawa.
Pat it as as thin as you would like your bread to be.
Let it cook till it turns golden brown on one side
Using a flat spatula, gently flip it over, adding more ghee.
Cook till both the sides have turned beautifully golden.

I served it with a delish mutar alu subzi, with which the bread blended so very well!!….and a peice of mango pickle & fresh radish as salad!!

I shall soon be posting the recipe for the mutar alu

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7 Responses to MAKAI KI ROTI

  1. Kribha

    Hi Shella dear,
    Hope everything is fine with you. I’m fine too. Sorry that I didn’t mail you after that. Guess I just forgot. Anyway, I’m following what you said and I’m feeling so good now. Thanks for all the support.
    This Makai ki roti is a new dish to me. It looks like adai made with channa dal but I’m sure it tastes different. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Will try it sometime. Looks very delicious and wholesome.

  2. Siri

    Dear Shella,

    the makai ki roti looks so yummy.. It had been a while that I had some.. Thanks for reminding me.. But, I don’t like raddish at all.. Can I substitute that with something else? say palak ?

    ~ Siri

  3. Rina

    Like Kribha, I too must say this looks like our Tamil nadu Adai. Looks gr8, Sis. I love radish. so this is a must try. I think you were up late. How is the festive seasoning coming. Should be chill in Delhi. Here we already had two big snow storms. Kinda got used to it.

    You are in our prayers. God Bless!!!!

  4. Cynthia

    Ummm, this is new and interesting.

  5. Seena

    Shella dear,
    this looks great, haven’t taken them yet..
    Hope everything good with you.


    I think you are meaning the yellow corn flour?!Looks awesome:)

  7. Shella

    Hey Kribha – no probs at all, though I did wait for your reply…I am really, really glad that you have done what I suggested. Blv me, you will soon see more results than you expect. God will show them to you. Your baby is in my prayers.

    Siri – hi dear. You know what, I too am not a big fan of raddish, but in this dish raddish doesnt taste like itself, but gives a very good flavor to the roti. But you are absolutely welcome to substitute it with palak, or maybe nothing at all.

    Rina – so glad you liked the roti. It really is yummy. Winters sure are setting in here. The mornings & nights are pretty cold. The days are still quite warm. Have no celebrations this year, owing to FIL’s passing away.

    Cynthia – Am glad you like it. During winters I always keep some flour ready to be made into wholesome rotis whenever I feel like, n the best part is they can be had without any supplement, maybe just pickle or curd, or even nothing with it. Do give it a shot if you happen to lay your hands on some cornmeal!!! You wont be disappointed.

    Seena – do try it sooner than later. Yes dear, me doing good. Hope you are good too. How are the festivities coming up??

    RAK’s – yes that’s right. The yellow cornflour. It tastes awesome too. so dont miss out on that one.

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