Mango Coconut Pudding with Mango Liqueur sauce

I had a bottle of Mango Liquer lying in the fridge for a long time.  Had brought it as a gift for Rajeev for a Christmas (honestly with myself in my mind…not him!!) and we never liked it so much.  Though it did have a kick it didn’t have the real mango flavor.  But despite all that we had a quarter of a bottle left only.  We are not boozy people, but yes it has been our companion with some good movies and television episodes.

I didn’t want to waste it, i.e., throw it away, and therefore it had been occupying some space in my refrigerator.  I was in a mood to use it up for some recipe somewhere…..somehow.

So we had friends over, and I am really not a dessert person.  But I wanted to do something with mangoes since I had two large overripe mangoes in the basket, and knew they will be in the bin soon if they are not put to good use.  I remembered seeing a very simple mango dessert in one of the frequent food shows I keep watching and had made up some notes.  So here’s the attempt which went down really well with everyone.

Smooth, creamy, mango-ey, coconut-y and above all effortless-y (errr)…..effortless.  I had the mango liqueur so I made up my own sauce, you can opt out of it or do something very simple like dilute some mango jam instead.

mango coconut pudding1

mango coconut pudding2


Preparation Time – 5 minutes (for the dessert) + 5 minutes for the sauce

Cooling Time – 1 -2 hours

Serves – 6 – 8 dessert cups depending on how much you put in a cup


For the pudding

2 big mangoes ripe and sweet about 500 grms – pureed

500 ml coconut milk

1 sachet gelatin

100 grm – caster sugar or powdered sugar (white)

For the sauce

1/2 cup mango liqueur

4 tbspn sugar

1/4 tspn  ground cinnamon

For garnishing

a few pine nuts

some candied cherries


Just mix the coconut milk, mango puree and sugar well.

dilute the gelatin in warm water about a tbspn of water and pour into the mixture stirring to incorporate.

Check the sweetness.  If you need more sweet add caster sugar to sweeten enough. But I let the sweetness of this pudding be subtle so that I could balance it with a sweet sauce.

Pour into cups and allow to chill and firm up for about 1 to 2 hours.

In a pan heat up the liqueur and sugar, just enough for the sugar to melt.  Add the cinnamon powder and mix.

Keep aside.

Before serving pour a tbspn of sauce onto the cups, drop in a few pine nuts (I remember I toasted them) and add a cherry for garnish.

Viola, you have a dessert which will make you feel like a kitchen queen and you don’t have to tell anyone how easy it was.

The flavours of mango and coconut are almost dreamy!!



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