Since I have moved to Africa Mediterranean flavours have really begun to hold my heart, not because African food has anything to do with these flavours but because there are more restaurants serving Mediterranean food here.

Olives are one of my favourite ingredients to use, and also to chomp on when I am in need of a small snack.   It is one ingredient that you will always find in my fridge.

One morning Rajeev wanted something so as usual I started preparing for his breakfast omelette.  But I was really in a mood to do something different.  So I did what I do best, experiment with flavours.  The funny part was that when I proudly took the plate to him and declared “here’s your plate of Mediterranean omelette” he said “but today is Tuesday.  I was so very disappointed, all my pride was lost making him a cucumber sandwich, and me having this delicious omelette.

This recipe is a keeper and you must try it for sure

time taken – 5 minutes

Serves – 1


1 onion – finely chopped

2 tbspn – chopped olives

1 tspn – chopped jalapenos

1 tspn – capers

2 big pinches cumin

1 tbspn chopped parsley

1 tbspn chopped red and yellow bell peppers

a big pinch turmeric

a big pinch paprika

1/4 tspn black pepper powder

1 inch piece carrot chopped finely

2 eggs

1 clove garlic minced

1/4 tspn grated ginger

olive oil


In a pan add the olive oil and saute the onions, garlic and carrots till soft, add a little salt while sauteing them

In a bowl break in the eggs, add the sauteed vegetables and the rest of the ingredients except one pinch cumin powder

Whip and pour into a hot pan brushed with olive oil

cook on both side and sprinkle the cumin powder on top

So like most people if you are having eggs for breakfast, heres something new to try out.


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