Memories of a Tree

Today I had the opportunity to sit below a “tree”. Yeah you read that right – a “tree”. Taking Viha to her ballet lesson I wanted to just give my legs some rest and me and Kate just took refuge below that humongous mango tree below which was a cemented ledge. The tree with leaves so thick that I could get lost up there. I looked up and wondered how it would be to be up there?? There was an untouched coolness in the shade, it was as if the sun’s rays had never touched the la…nd below, or did it, maybe from another angle but definitely they were not mighty enough to pierce the thicket of leaves.

How long has it been?? Many loooong years ago. Long long years ago, when I was just about the age my daughter is now. We had a huge neem tree in our courtyard and my dad had put up a swing there, and there I used to swing all afternoon, despite the summer heat, and the winter chill. Me, my brother and our friends and yes, our doggy would sit and watch it all happening. There below that tree we used to cook great meals in tiny mud vessels, sneaking little rice and daal from mum’s kitchen along with lots of leaves and flowers, sprinkled with salt and turmeric and all that we could lay our hands on. What a wonderful way to live that was – carefree.

We also had a huge peepal tree in the school play ground. Again, it was really huge.There were rumors of spirits inhabiting that tree, you know just to scare the faint hearted ones. Girls could be mean sometimes you know!! When I think back, it was so childish but then it was effective at that time. I remember having a great time playing with my friend, and of course eating lunchboxes below that tree. Chatting and laughing away gloriously till the bell rang for end of lunch break. The endless giggling and gurgling laughter of girls is something that cant be compared to any in the world!! Some would just term girls and giggles as synonymous.

That tree in our school could tell many a story……. if only it could.

I never knew sitting below a tree could rustle up so many memories and make me nostalgic, take me back to an era that was so innocent and fun filled. A time when life was meant to be joyous cooking up fake meals, and unburdened with decision making and fake smiles. When you got upset upon a pencil and made up just like that, without having to give a speech.

Life still is good for most of us, but do sit below a tree sometime when you get an opportunity and you will understand what you missing. I didn’t realize it till today.

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