microwave banana cake1 microwave banana cake

I am guilty of offending bananas!!  I look at them, those beautiful glorious yellow fruits and, and I just cant resist buying them.  But sadly, we have no takers for them at home.  Viha will eat one after too much persistence, R doesn’t like them.  I tried making him like those beauties, but mm mm it just didn’t work.  I was a great banana eater as a kid, but I grew out of them too.  I don’t mind them, but its not that I love them, and I always remember the calories, and I really feel it unnecessary to hoard calories on something that I don’t even enjoy so much.  No, not done.  So very often I would be passing on one to my housegirl while she has her brekkie, and she would be grinning from ear to ear. So I had this big bunch on the kitchen counter looking at me every time I would pass by, and however much I would want to ignore, I just couldn’t.  They are turning black from their golden hue and they are making me feel guilty.  I had to do something about them, and it had to be done – NOW.   But I just didn’t want to do the banana bread again.  No we are all bored of the banana bread.  It has to be something quick and simple and different. So I looked up my files and landed on a microwave cake.  Oh, a microwave cake – am not a fan, but still, its something different, and if I add my two bit to it, I could have something fab.  So I set about as follows


2 ripe bananas

2 eggs (room temperature)

150 grms – All purpose flour / maida / refined flour

100 grms – sugar (I used Golden Caster)

100 grms – butter (I used salted) you can add ¼ tspn salt if you have unsalted butter

½ tspn baking powder

2 tspn – cinnamon powder

1 tbspn – Ginger Jam (I used Robertsons Ginger Jam) you can use ½ tspn Ginger powder instead too

4 tbspn chopped walnuts


Take a 1 ltr microwave dish and on high heat melt the butter for 30 secs Take the bananas and mash them into the butter Now break in the eggs and mix well Add the baking powder to the flour first and mix well Now add all the left over ingredients and mix up. Microwave on high for 10 minutes Cut and serve with any syrup and ice cream I served them with toffee syrup and no ice cream. The cinnamon is wonderful with banana so don’t omit it. This will make an easy dessert and you can make it look great by adding some chopped walnuts and chopped bananas on top, serve it with a side of vanilla ice cream.

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