There are some things that really make you feel ooooh so nice n comforted. Yes, I am talking about comfort foods. Though many may agree on the same stuff, there might be some who differ in their opinion, n they may have something on their mind, which is comfortable to them, but it wont have the same affect on others.

The list would be long, if you are asked to list your comfort foods……I mean, really, really long, coz for me there are many things on mine, which really give me that safe n secure feeling. A lot would also depend on my mood, the weather, a memory………

On days when you are rushed, n yet you dont want to have dinner packed from outside, or eat at a Restaurant, but you really dont have the energy to slog in the kitchen, n ready to cook is not for you, then what do you do – well, you want something that comforts you. My favorite, all time comforter is my versatile Biriyani….I mean, I really love the thought of settling down with some hot Veggie Biriyani, a bowl of thick creamy curd, some pickle n some paapad……..heaven on a plate – isint it?? N the best part – the part that I soooooo love – you dont have to knead the dough for the chappatis, or even roll them – hurrayyyyy. Just a little bit of this, n a little bit of that ……..n wait for the whistle of the cooker – n you open to a kitchen filled with aroma n a cooker full of goodness.

Here goes my recipe

Ing –
2 glasses of good quality basmati rice
2 bay leaves
4 cloves
1 inc pc of cinnamon
3 pods of cardamom
5-10 black pepper (optional)
4 big onions
2 handfuls of peas
3 big carrots – chopped finely
4 beans
a handful of corn kernels
4 tspn of oil
1/4 tspn – garam masala powder (optional)
1 tbspn of butter / ghee (enhances the taste factor)

Method –
Wash n soak the rice. If you dont have much time you can just soak till the time you are doing the preparation. I cry a lot when I cut onions, so I generally have a few onions peeled & cold in the refigerator. This ensures that I dont cry when I am cutting them, n they are chopped very easily (Tip of the day)
Slice the onions thin
In the cooker heat the oil & add the bay leaves, then add the spices & stir till you get a nice aroma. It will be nice if you just crush them a weee bit.
Add the onions & saute them till a nice golden-pink colour (add a pinch of sugar while sauteeing them)
Drain the rice & add into the cooker & add all the rest of the veggies into it.
On high flame fry all the things together for about 2/3 mins.
Add the butter / ghee
Add salt & garam masala powder
Add 2-1/4 glasses of water. If you are unable to soak the rice for more than 20 mins, then add 2-3/4 glasses of water. If you dont want to use the cooker then add double the quantity of water to your rice & cook with a closed lid (stirring in between).
Stir well & wait for just one whistle
Have patience till the steam passes. You can make the raita & roast the pappads & arrange the plates till that time.
Open the cooker & be comforted !!

I really love this one. N my preference is to eat this with my hands (no spoons etc) n without anything to go by.

Girls, as an after-thought, I am sending my entry to lovely MEETA of What’s for Lunch Honey’s Monthly Mingle Event.

Hope she will accept my entry.

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24 Responses to MIX VEG BIRIYANI

  1. Rina

    Veg Biriyani sure, is sooo comforting. Loved your biriyani so much. Pet me tho abhi chuhe dhod rahe he! Wo bowl utta ke khalun kya?
    How are you doing yaar? How is Rajeev?

  2. Pooja

    this looks nice,
    my altime favorite too ! thank for sharing .

  3. bee

    wonderful recipe. thanks for sharing.

  4. Pravs

    looks yummy ! have not tried corn in veg biiyani.


    Liked the tip,I too gry a lottttt!
    Briyani looks nice:)

  6. Rachel

    that’s a neat recipe ther Shella :)) and I love the aroma that emanates from a briryani in th ekitchen …

  7. Shella

    Rina – i’ve been thinking about you n family on my way to work this morning. Just be my guest anytime for the biriyani

    Pooja – you are sooo welcome dear.

    Bee – you are welcome my dear.

    Pravs – this was my first time too, but I really loved it.

    RAKS – use this tip the next time, n you’ll thank me for sure.

    Rachel – its heavenly.


    Hi Shella
    Am here for the first time and like your blog contents….like your biryani recipe a lot!!

  9. Sagari

    very tempting biryani looks deleciousssssss

  10. Sweetiepie

    wah!thanks for sharing the recipe..I love biriyani..yum yum

  11. Shella

    Sugarcraft – welcome dear, n thanks for being here. Its simple yet elegant dish.

    Sagari – it tasted delish tooo.

    Sweetipie – you are welcome. do try n see.

  12. Aparna

    Lovely biryani. This is what I make on those one-dish meal days!

  13. DEEPA

    excellent recipe …thanks for sharing …

  14. Seena

    shella biryaniyano? ennittentha vilikkathe..? Delhiyil vannal avide vannu kazhiche pokathullu..insha Allah

  15. DK

    Ya, I agree with u, nothing beats the feeling of having comfort foods. And Biryani is one thing that however times u make it, it never bores you 🙂

  16. Shella

    Aparna – i agree totally with you.

    Deepa – you are more than welcome. HOpe you do try it.

    Seena – vaa da. Ninike njaan ellam indaki taraam

    DK – n there are soo many ways to prepare it. Each time is different

  17. Meeta

    I do love a good biryani and this really looks great! Thanks for bringing it along to the mingle!

  18. Cynthia

    That bowl of biriyani has my name written all over it. Look carefully 🙂

  19. Shella

    Meeta – my pleasure to be a part.

    Cynthia – need you say that – this whole bowl is yours to have.

  20. Hima

    The biryani is looking so tempting girl. For me too, that is one comfort food.

  21. Rajitha

    shella..love it..it is my comfort food too..

  22. Archana

    Hey shella. I Made Vegetable biriyani for today’s lunch. Yummy. I was going thru your recipe. I use the exact same ingredients, the same quantity etc. Just the process of making it and how and when i put the things together is different.

  23. Kribha

    Nice recipe and picture. This is not only my comfort food but also a lifesaver for last minute dinner time fixes.

  24. Shella

    Hima – its my comfort & super-duper fast food 😉

    Rajitha – great minds get comforted alike!!!

    Archana – everybody has a little twist here n there to make it different….but I am sure it tastes equally good – might even be better.

    Kribha – undoubtedly agree with you. Nothing to beat a quick fix exotic pulao.

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