Multigrain atta ladoos

In the quest of making something as traditional as atta ladoos which most North Indians have grown up snacking upon.  Yes, they get it in the morning as part of their breakfasts along with a cup of milk, they get it in tiffin boxes for schools and even offices, they get it when they come back from school, they get it when they return from play, they get it when they get their evening cup of chai, they get it when they want to have a light dinner.  Atta ladoos are synonymous to a complete meal in Northern India – you can eat one or you can eat 4, or as many as you want depending upon your appetite. 

I am not too fond of the sweet stuff, but with Viha once in a while I do try and make something which is healthy and complete and a good snack.  So here’s something I tried very lately, a multigrain atta ladoo.  The result was fantabulous,  I will not say its quick it is painstakingly time consuming when it comes to roasting the flour, but it is well worth every minute you spend swishing your arms on the pan – some exercise huh…

Time taken – 1 hour


1 cup wheatflour 

1 cup almond flour (I just ground raw almonds in my blender)

1/2 cup flax seed flour (again, I just ground raw flax seeds in my blender)

1/4 cup ground chia seeds (coarsely ground)

1 cup ghee (dont be alarmed – you will need this, moreoever ghee is good for you)

3/4 cup sugar (ground in the blender) and about 3 sachets of Stevia (you could avoid the Stevia and use 1 whole cup of sugar 

4 tbspn of pumpkin seeds 

4 tbspn of sunflower seeds 

1 tspn ground cardamom powder 


Roast the atta in 3/4 cup of ghee slowly and patiently 

This will be about half an hour to get a golden brown 

Take it off the flame and allow it to cool for about 5 minutes 

Add the rest of the ghee (melted) and the other ingredients and mix well

Bind it into small ladoos

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