This is a dish my mom used to make regularly & I have picked it from her. I love the simplicity of it, & it comes out really well. This is a traditional recipe from her mother / grandmother.

Whenever I used to come back from school, & mom would have prepared something I didnt like for lunch, I used to make this up. It really satisifies my soul (truly!!), till date. Try it n maybe you will get the same feeling.

The following recipe will serve four people, @ of one egg per head. But if somebody wishes to indulge in an extra egg – most welcome !!!

Ing –

4 Eggs
Curry leaves – 2/3 stalks
2 onions – chopped finely
2 big tomatoes – chopped finely
turmeric / haldi powder – 1/2 tsp
green chililes – according to taste
salt – according to taste

……yes you need nothing more than this

Method –

In a kadai, add a little oil & then add the onions.
When the onions are pink in colour, add the tomatoes & the curry leaves.
When the oil starts floating, add the haldi, chillies & salt.
You can substitute the green chillies with red chilli pwdr, this will give a very nice red colour to the dish, or else, it will be yellow.
Add about 2 cups water & let it boil.
Now take one egg at a time & break it carefully into the boiling water.
Take the second one & break it away from the first one.
In the same way break the other two also.
Now lower the flame & cover the kadai with a lid.
Let the eggs cook on a low flame
After about 5/8 mins, check if the yolk is firm by inserting either a toothpick or a fork.
The gravy will also have thickened by now, if not cook for some more time so as to thicken the gravy.

Remove from fire & serve
Goes well with either chappati or rice.

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  1. Cynthia

    Egg curry is among my favourite! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me to discover yours.

    I’ve added you to my feeds so that I never miss another of your delicious posts. 🙂

    Please come back and visit whenever you can.

  2. Shella

    Thanks Cynthia. I am glad you liked the recipe. Pls do try it and let me know how it was.

    And thank you for adding me to your feed.

    Will be posting more recipes.

  3. Raaga

    seems so easy.

  4. Shella

    It sure is. The curry is ready in about 15 mins, or even less & is simple

  5. swapna

    Hey shella…had forgotten about this prepartion completely..thanks for reminding…i too learnt it from an aunt but had convieniently shelved it up some years now:)..Thanks though..


  6. Shella

    Hi Mary. This is really one of my favorites, & even Di (our mutual friend) likes it a lot, though I dont think she’s ever tried making it. Am glad I could remind you of the recipe. Its quite convenient & quick.

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