If you are looking for some good Indian food in Masaki, then try out Mystic India, on the main road Haile Selassie (I had to look up Google for the spelling!)   The good news is that they dont do just Indian food, but also do other cuisines as well, though I am not sure how they would taste because I didnt care to order the other stuff except for a soup.   I dug into Indian for two consequtive days, and believe me the food was good and fresh.

Day 1 – the day of discovery.  Me and my friend were looking around for somewhere to catch up for lunch, and whilst we finalized Karambezi, she suddenly called me up and said “have you tried Mystic India”.  I said “no havent done so far, but would love to do, if it is open that is”.  I didnt expect it to be open for lunch, coz all those times I have passed by it looked deserted and quite mysterious, and I really had not heard any reviews about it as yet.   I am always open to eat at new places, as long as they are neat and clean.  So we landed up there.  I got in on the wrong foot.  No, I dont mean I had any issues but I walked into the beautiful lawn restaurant and pub of Donovan’s and thought it was beautiful and really outdoorish with beautiful flower and creeper laden walls but very soon I was directed into the wall next door of Mystic India.

My friend was already seated there and she had ordered a Hot and Sour soup.  It came quick and was brought in two fancy soup bowls.  It was hot and sour for sure.  I was not very wowed but it was passable, but we both didnt leave anything in our bowls.  Unable to decide what to go in for we asked the Manager for help in getting us a spicy non vegetarian dish.  He was quite friendly and nice, and quickly went into the kitchen.  Without a lot of delay we got a good portion of chicken handi with hot naan and pudina paratha.  The gravy of the chicken was lipsmackingly good, but unfortunately the chicken was undercooked.  However, both of us didnt have the patience and time (more so because we were totally hungry) we left out the chicken pieces and ate just the naan and gravy, which was so good we actually overlooked anything else.  However before leaving we did mention the chicken to the manager, who was very apologetic and insisted that he can have that replaced.    We actually left happy from there.

Day 2 – I had to take a very dear friend out for lunch and I asked her if she liked Indian food, and she agreed, and said she has been craving for butter chicken lately. so off I went to Mystic India, along with her, again without too much thinking.  I was happy to find a place with Indian food and which  had lot of options to try still.  The gravy yesterday was proof enough that the  Chef knew how to cook some good Indian food, and I totally forgive the undercooked chicken.  So we went and ordered a paneer khurchan and a butter chicken both recommended by the Manager.  They came in with garlic naan and lachha paratha.  The portions were huge for the paneer khurchan but a smaller portion for the butter chicken.  But believe me, both were delicious.  We were too full, and still had quite a bit of left overs.

Overall my verdict – if they maintain consistency and deliver the same service and fresh food I guess they will be around for a long time.  The prices are quite decent.  The ambience is not jaw dropping or fancy – just a simple place with little taste in the decor. The food is not exotic  but is good.   Please do give it a try.

I would love to try out more dishes there.  There was a delectable photo of my favourite malai kofta, and I did ask the manager if it could be made, but he suggested me against it for the time being, and a cook myself I understand that a fresh and good malai kofta will take a long time.  But my quest for a good malai kofta in Dar is not complete yet, and I will maybe someday call and order it ahead of time and try it for sure.  My heart says – it will be good.

I unfortunately dont have any pictures to share because I was too busy chatting and didnt think I would write about it.


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