Who doesnt like a handful of crunchy snacks to munch on. I do, except that my concience keeps stinging me, n I try to push it as far back as I can………but the truth is that nothing can beat coming home to a bowl of namak paare. No one can eat just one!!!!

Ing –
500 gms – madia / self raising flour
1 tspn – salt
1/2 tspn – ajwain / bishop seeds
1/4 cup – oil
Oil separately for frying.

Method –
Seive the maida along with the salt.
Add the ajwain & mix well
Now slowly add the 1/4 cup of oil & mix well with the flour making it like bread crumbs.
Now add enough water to make it into a tight dough.
Make balls like you make for chappatis & roll them on with a rolling pin to the thickness of a roti / chappati.
Meanwhile heat enough oil in a kadai.
Cut into thin strips both vertically & then horizontally over the vertical lines to make 2 inch long strips.
Now gently pick up the strips using a steel spatula & drop them into the hot oil.
Fry till golden brown & drain on tissue paper.
Store in an airtight jar.

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  1. Asha

    I love these too and I have to found a better and quick way to make these. I fry flour Tortillas!!:D

  2. Shella

    Asha – That’s very, very smart girl. Hmmm

  3. Dhivya Karthik

    You said it – who doesnt like these..I luv my crunchy munchies..I luv these..

  4. Shella

    Hi Dhivya – thanks for dropping by n helping me discover your blog.

  5. Kelly Mahoney

    Sounds delicious! I have a craving for salty snacks every now and then.

  6. sagari

    nice snack with evening coffee

  7. Happy cook

    I love them. My mom made it when we were at home.

  8. Rina

    always for namkeen sis, Thanx for sharing.

  9. Shella

    Kelly – thanks for dropping by. Its always so nice to make new friends.

    Sagari – yes. Or even with Tea or a glass of milk

    Happy Cook – yeah mom’s are so good.

    Sona – yes my dear she indeed is smart.

    Rina – you are welcome dear. I hope you make it.

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