neerja Neerja – a story worth being told a thousand times over and a life worth being lived a thousand times over in every era for every generation to see and remember. I say this because we human tend to forget very soon, unless it is our own.

And therefore the movie has been made for good reasons and to compliment it all the casting is brilliant and accompanies excellent performances by Sonam (as Neerja) and Shabana (as her mother).  Its a definite tear jerker and nudges you in the right places.   We were so touched that we were rendered speechless for a long time even after we left the Theatre.   We just quietly walked out, everything playing in our minds again and again.  Neither Rajeev spoke nor I.  I couldn’t sleep immediately as I kept thinking it over, and my mind goes back again and again to her.   An extraordinarily brave girl in an ordinary world.

A stunningly beautiful girl from a middle class background, with a picking up career in modeling and a broken rough stint with marriage behind her.   She had the courage to walk out of the torments of her marriage, and her hurts gave her all the reasons not to do what she did and be who she was.  What I loved is that her past life and pains did not restrain her courage.  She gave those 17 gruesome hours all that she had, and more.  She could have been the first one to jump out of the plane from the emergency exit, but she chose not to.  She knew she could have escaped easily and without regrets.  Which human would not? But she stayed back ensuring that the last person from the plane was evacuated.

She was bold beyond words to speak up to the terrorists wherever necessary, and not pleadingly so, but with a look straight into their eyes and probably their soul too.  She displayed her presence of mind in situations, regardless of the fact that she could trigger their apathy and could be shot on the spot. I wonder what she felt when the first bullet hit her body while covering up those children. Did she regret it ?  I am sure not, because she probably wasn’t made that way.

Neerja was an example of courage and selflessness.  In this world when seldom does “you” comes before “me”, she was someone who showed the world what sacrificing one’s life in the line of duty meant.  But then who even thinks of doing that in this day?  What did those people mean to her?  She didn’t even know their names, and to give up her life for them was an astounding act of love and humanitarism.

The state of the family, particularly her mother was heart wrenching.  It is a titanic state to mind to endure the loss of a child, and  more so, when the child was the sparkle of the family, easy going, loving and bringing joy to their world and those around them.

Neerja – is an impactful watch and I don’t think anybody will leave the theatre untouched by the story.

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