So after passing by his quaint looking restaurant daily, yesterday me and my friend decided to give it a try.

It is indeed quaint with limited seating, and during the day outside it was quite sunny.  A peep inside to see if I could sit in the airconditioning, gave me the understanding that there was one high table with a few high chairs around it, and already there were two gentlemen seated, and I wouldnt want to go and sit next to them. So I very quickly settled on the seat outside.

My friend was a vegetarian, and I looked for some good vegetarian options for her, and found hardly anything at all. But sat and waited for her, as I placed my order for a Cafe Latte.  Once she was in we settled for a “One the day Menu” Spinach and Feta Quiche for her, and a Chicken and Mango wrap for myself.   As we chatted, I enjoyed the green surroundings and the minimally done seatings, and the order came in sooner than we expected.

My Cafe Latte was a huge cup and I really enjoyed the aroma and the brew – it was perfectly done.  To our disappointment the Quiche was laced with eggs and my friend couldnt have it, so we requested the server to ask the Chef if he could do some sandwich without any meat or egg, and in about 15 minutes he came with a brown bread sandwich with cucumbers, tomato and cheese.  My friend had asked for Cucumbers and Bell peppers with a little cheese, and since she does not eat tomatoes she had to pull out the tomato slices.  Though we appreciate that the Chef could whip up something beyond the menu, but it would have been nice if the server would have heard us clearly and taken note of what we wanted, and at least there should have been an effort to toast the bread.

My chicken and mango wrap was more mangoes and very little chicken, infact one side of the wrap had just streaks of chicken in it.  It was lean and lanky wrap, and awfully cold.  All the ingredients, including the tortilla was taken from the fridge and assembled.  Again, it would have been so good if there was an effort to toast the tortilla.   It would have also been nice if their was something to go along with it – a salad or some fries, to make me feel good about the lean and lanky wrap.

All in all the coffee was the best part of Olive and whilst it is a neat place to sit in the evening for a cup of coffee with some friends, I wouldnt think about more than that.



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2 Responses to OLIVE

  1. Nyain Dargan

    Hi Sheila

    Thanks for the review and for stopping by. We will pass the feedback on to the team at Olive. We understand the seating is limited inside with the AC and we’ll make some plans to ensure that the outside seating is also pleasant, especially during the hot Dar summers.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the coffee and we hope you continue to come by. For any coffee / service related feedback, please feel free to email us at info@ridgecoffee.com.

    The Ridge management.

    • lifespice


      I am a food blogger and review restaurants both professionally and personally, so please do not take it as any kind of criticism that I have mentioned limited seating inside. It is your restaurant and you can keep it minimal or extravagant as you please. My concern would be the food and the quality and the service. Barring this, my comments are solely for the purpose of information to the people of Dar about your Restaurant.
      I look forward to paying another visit to Olive and writing a more encouraging review this time, trying out the food that has been praised about.
      If you indeed need to look into something, I think it could be addition of a few more vegetarian option and improving the Wrap which I feel could have been much better than what I ate.
      Best regards

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