These days am basking in the culinary skills of my MIL. I am blessed by having both a Mom n a MIL who are excellent cooks.

I will tell you a funny incident involving both of them. Once when my MIL was returning to Kanpur, & Hubby was not in town, both me & my mother went to drop her off to the station. The train was a bit late, n my Mom wanted to attend nature’s call urgently. We looked around but didnt find a suitable restroom for her to go. My MIL had an idea n she pointed towards a waiting train on the platform n suggested she should use the facilities there. The decision was unanimous & she went on to climb onto the train. Me n MIL sat on a seat right in front of that train, waiting for her to return. No sooner than mom would have begun the activity, the train started moving on!!!!!!! Me n my MIL were shocked to the extent, that we froze, dumbstruck not knowing what to do.

There were some men who were watching the whole scene & they quickly ran to the train & asked people sitting on the window to pull the chain. By this time, my mom had also reached the door panicking. Fortunately the train stopped & she came down.

Instead of fear or shock, there were three of us laughing our guts out, n people around us watching us go mad!!!

Till date we remember this incident & share a laugh!!

Now coming to the real thing……….after I returned from work today, I have a plate of finger-licking chaat-paapdi ready for me. Here goes her recipe.

Ing –

For the paapdi –
250 gms – maida
1/4 tspn – ajwain / bishop seeds
1 tbspn – oil
a pinch of salt

For the sweet chutney
100 gm tamarind / imli
50 gm jaggery
2 dried dates / chuare
salt as per taste

For the green chutney
a big bunch corriander leaves
4/5 stalks mint leaves
4/5 green chillies
salt as per taste
1 small onion
1 small pcs of ginger
Juice of one lime juice

1/2 tspn – roasted and powdered cumin seeds
1/2 tspn – chaat masala
1/2 tspon – red chilli powder

1 katori curd – beaten (it will be nice if the curd is really, really fresh)
1/4 katori – besan boondi (optional)

Method –

For the paapdi
Seive the maida.
Add the salt & ajwain seeds – mix well
Add the oil & mix well, then knead it into a tight dough using little water.
Make very, very small balls & roll them into small small puris
Meanwhile heat oil very well & fry these paapris till crisp golden.
Drain them on tissue paper & keep aside.

For the sweet chutney
Deseed the tamarind and soak them for about 1/2 half an hour.
Now grind the tamarind, soaked & deseeded dried dates & jaggery using some water.
Strain the pulp.
Boil this pulp in a pan till the desired thickness.
Add salt as per desire, n a pinch of red chilli
Let it cool & you can store this in a bottle in the fridge for about a month.

For the green chutney
Clean & destem the corriander & mint leaves.
Chop the onions & scrape the ginger & cut into slices
Now grind all the ingredients, except salt in a grinder
When made into a thick paste, add the salt.
Squeeze juice of one lime (or more-as per your taste) into the chutney

Assembling the paapdi chaat

In a dish add the beaten curd.
Add in the paapdi.
Now add the sweet chutney & the green chutney as per your wish.
Mix well.
Immediately add the boondi & the sprinkle with chaat masala, red chilli powder & roasted cumin seed powder.

Serve immediately, n lick till the last drop!!!!! Unfortunately we didnt have the green chutney, but still……………slurp, slurp, lick, lick !!!!

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7 Responses to PAAPDI CHAAT

  1. Rina

    Enjoyed reading your post shella. Thx for the recipes of Sweet chutney, Green chutney and Papdi. These are all my favs. Sorry couldn’t catch up with you on google.

  2. Dhana

    U lucky lucky girl!

  3. sagari

    wow home made papdi looks really yummyyyyy

  4. Shella

    Rina – hey dear. Glad you all like all of these, n the recipes too.

    Dhana – are you “J”??? Dont be, I shared the recipe with you – didnt I??

    Saagri – thanks for dropping by. Yep, really really yumm

    Sona – Hey thanks. This is the first time I have been involved with something like this on my blogging experience. Will check your site soonest.

  5. Happy cook

    I enjoyed reading the post and i am still laughing. This is a incident one thinks will happen but i have never heard it happening to someone.
    Really enjoyed reading it. I am sure it was the talk in family gatherings.

  6. Lissie

    shella, enjoyed reading the post. my family loves all varieties of chats! papadi chat is my daughter’s favorite 🙂

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