God Used Me

I am a strong believer in the phrase “God uses people in his time and will”. God does use each one of us, if only, and if only we allow ourselves to be used, if only and if only we listen to a voice deep within it. Most of us are used to dismissing that … Continue reading

Delhi Winters

Its almost the onset of winters in Delhi. It brings back so much to my mind. Having stayed there all my life, the coming of winters brings with it so much more than the chill. The air itself is different…its not just cooler but its also filled with the smell that brings the air of … Continue reading

A Drive by the Sea

I was driving past the beach, infact just alongside the beach….. Fleetingly I turned my head to glance the sea. “Aaaahhh its soooo beautiful” I thought, focussing on the road again. But what I had just seen was so luring that I found myself wanting to look back, which I did again. This time the … Continue reading

A Full Moon Night

From the 12th floor window of my bedroom, what transpired before me left me spell bound momentarily! ! At a distance is the thick dark fathomless Indian ocean, and probably if I just strain a little too much I was sure I heard the gurgling of the waves. On this pitch dark surface stood five … Continue reading
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