This is a stolen recipe (!!!) stolen from a colleague’s wife. He gets yummilicious egg curry & today I called her up to get the recipe from her. I have made a few changes in her recipe. I am total egg freak. I can eat it in any form, except raw (of course). It is … Continue reading


This is a very nice variation to the regular bhindi. I dont make it regularly coz of the “health” factor, since it is fried. But on special occassion, this is a special dish & goes very, very well with chappatis. Try & see the difference. Ing –1 kg – bhindi /vendakai / lady finger /okra1 … Continue reading


This one is also an absolute hit with my husband & my friends & colleagues too. This is a total street food, sold at every nook & corner of Delhi streets, with vendors selling this spicy & tangy matar accompanied by soft kulchas on pattals (leaf plates), & huge brass urli on their thelas containing … Continue reading


This one is a real debil (I say so coz this is a Bong recipe & this is how a Bong would pronouce Devil !!! they exchange the “v” for a “b”……n so on & so forth). I picked it up from one of the issues of GOOD HOUSEKEEPING & thought it was really worth … Continue reading


Once in a while when there’s left over stuff you can make this snack, which tastes great INGREDIENTS: 6 pieces Dinner Rolls(not sweet ones) 1 no. Cucumber(chopped) 1 no. Onion(chopped) ¾ cup Cabbage(shredded) 5 nos. Potato(boiled) Tomato Sauce to taste Chili Sauce (green) to taste Cheese to taste(cheddar, grated) METHOD : Scoop the buns, be … Continue reading
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