As I drove back home, getting upset about the evening traffic that I always encounter while leaving Viha’s swimming lessons, I saw a familiar face running up towards me.  He was running fast and as he came near I realized this was the same boy who I had met the last time on the same … Continue reading


Walking around the beautiful walking path on the common floor of our apartment yesterday, I saw beautiful butterflies lingering around flowers. I was mesmerized by the vivid pattern on their wings and the bright colours. Butterfiles are really breathtaking – have you ever watched them or tried to get close to them – of course … Continue reading


My eyes lingered on the date on my phone screen as I realized tomorrow is Daddy’s Birthday. 25TH January.  I have lost count of how old he would be now if he were alive.  All I know is he’s been gone 8 long forlorn years.  I have missed him every morning, as he handed me … Continue reading


A lot of hullabaloo comes in with the new year.  Right from setting big plans for the eve, the last night of the year  – good food, a great party, the desire to be with your best pals and family at that moment of time when the clock strikes 12.   Wooohooooo,  the screams, the shouts, … Continue reading


As I returned from the vivacious city of Cape Town, Dar seems dull and sleepy on Christmas eve at 8 pm, as compared to the efficacious city. 8pm we would be seated at a trendy restaurant by the Waterfront, enjoying the view of docked catamarans, people sporting fashionable clothes, kids frolicking and innumerable albatross seagulls gliding … Continue reading


My first Christmas night in 14 years without Rajeev was not a happy one! Yes I missed him mighty, and didn’t realise I’d do till the night came and slumber called eyes to join.  So it was just me, the twinkle of the tree, the sparkle of baubles caught in my eyes, and candles by … Continue reading

Pakistan School Attack

My mind doest understand I dont even want to think Was it like a strike of lightening Did their eyes even blink? … Those young hands, those young feet A forthcoming smile, Whenever they meet Their innocent souls …oh How could those men cheat?? It screamed barbarous It portrayed that humanity is dead. Which religion … Continue reading
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