What’s the world fighting for?

What is it that the world fights for. … Sundown in the city brings together the fragrance of incense sticks from a nearby temple mingling with the heady smell of barbecue chicken n other meat grilling for the iftaar feast. The chanting of evening prayers from the temple coming at the same time as the … Continue reading

Soul Sister

I have never met her physically, but she’s been right next to me …. I have never heard her voice, but she’s always spoken words of wisdom to me, she listens without questions, she holds my hand and lifts me up, we smile without sharing a joke and we cry for each other. How weird … Continue reading

A Preschool PTM

A school PTM could be such a revelation I never did think. … Preschool Teachers who teach the basics of any education system …. Where alphabets and joining of words is taught. Where it is drilled in that h-a-t is hat, and that in “come” the “e” is silent! ! Where you are taught that … Continue reading

The Rains Begin

Finally its raining in Dar. I have been vehemently waiting for these showers since it was really getting pretty hot. I mean you couldn’t do anything without douching yourself in sweat!! Since its started raining, almost all mornings, I mean very early mornings I wake up to this immense strong buzzing of the rain. Its … Continue reading

The India Pakistan Friendship

So what happens when an Indian meets a Pakistani?? Everything is okay till you ask “where do you belong to?”. Reply “Pakistan – and you”. “India” comes a firm proud reply. Hmmmm, no wonder, as if you could sense an underlying currant. There’s a scorn and smirk on both sides, there could be raised eyebrows, … Continue reading

India’s Daughter

I read this and shuddered!! Shuddered to think how shallow my country’s men are who on one hand worship women deities and on the other hand voice that Indian culture has no place for woman!! I am even ashamed that this man who was participant in that gory act is even alive today to say … Continue reading
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