What’s the world fighting for?

What is it that the world fights for. … Sundown in the city brings together the fragrance of incense sticks from a nearby temple mingling with the heady smell of barbecue chicken n other meat grilling for the iftaar feast. The chanting of evening prayers from the temple coming at the same time as the … Continue reading

Soul Sister

I have never met her physically, but she’s been right next to me …. I have never heard her voice, but she’s always spoken words of wisdom to me, she listens without questions, she holds my hand and lifts me up, we smile without sharing a joke and we cry for each other. How weird … Continue reading

A Preschool PTM

A school PTM could be such a revelation I never did think. … Preschool Teachers who teach the basics of any education system …. Where alphabets and joining of words is taught. Where it is drilled in that h-a-t is hat, and that in “come” the “e” is silent! ! Where you are taught that … Continue reading

The Rains Begin

Finally its raining in Dar. I have been vehemently waiting for these showers since it was really getting pretty hot. I mean you couldn’t do anything without douching yourself in sweat!! Since its started raining, almost all mornings, I mean very early mornings I wake up to this immense strong buzzing of the rain. Its … Continue reading

The India Pakistan Friendship

So what happens when an Indian meets a Pakistani?? Everything is okay till you ask “where do you belong to?”. Reply “Pakistan – and you”. “India” comes a firm proud reply. Hmmmm, no wonder, as if you could sense an underlying currant. There’s a scorn and smirk on both sides, there could be raised eyebrows, … Continue reading
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