Pakistan School Attack

My mind doest understand
I dont even want to think
Was it like a strike of lightening
Did their eyes even blink?

Those young hands, those young feet
A forthcoming smile, Whenever they meet
Their innocent souls
…oh How could those men cheat??

It screamed barbarous
It portrayed that humanity is dead.
Which religion teaches murder?
And with blood paint a school red??

Oh what a plight for those mothers
Oh what a heart wrenching pain
The longing to hold their little ones
Are all but in unending vain

Tonight their tears wont dry
Tonight their hearts will cry
Tonight their tongues will curse
Or wIll their souls forgive?

What if they knew
Their little ones wont return
Ruthlessly and painfully
Their little bodies will burn

Comfort for the father
Is but a far cry now
As with never drying tears
His head he bows

Is Taliban elated ?
Are their heads held high?
To see wailing mothers
And little coffins bid goodbye

The minds of these uncouth people
Satan doth rule
But little do they know
That he’s but, making them a fool
Its his triumph with man as his tool

16th December 2014 has been a gut-wrenching sad day when Satans army barged into a school shooting down innocent children, and also adults, leaving many wounded physically and many wounded mentally for their entirety. Gunning down a 2 year old can only be the act of a diabolic !! They certainly belong to the army of Satan.

When will this war in the name of religion end?? Or will it ever??

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