This is also a favorite of Rajeev’s. We both prefer thick gravies with Rotis, n to a certain extent also with Rice. The Palak Paneer that most people make is quite watery in consistency which I dont prefer. Now a colleague in my office used to get wonderful palakpaneer. We both are not on talking terms & th4, I just couldnt ask her for the recipe. After much trial & error I managed to do a combo of both the gas stove & the m’wave to get the desired result, of which I am very proud of myself. I am giving you my version for the same.

Ing –

1 bunch palak – cleaned, n chopped finely (dont chop them into large chunks).
250 gms – paneer / tofu
3 medium sized – onions
2 big – tomatoes
1 inch pc of ginger
7/8 – garlic flakes
1/4 cup – cream
1 tsp – garam masala
green chillies according to taste
1 tsp – corriander powder
1/4 tsp – crushed cardamoms
1/4 tsp – coarsely powdered saunf
a little jeera for the tadka

Method –
Make a paste of the onions, garlic & ginger in the processor.
Put the paalak & the green chillies into the microwave for about 8/10 minutes (I use the micro for two reasons, 1. This helps me retain the bright green colour of the paalak & 2. This ensures that I can cook the dish quickly & effortlessly).
In a kadai, add the jeera & when they sputter add the onion paste
Fry well, adding some salt (my standard way of cooking pastes quick & ensuring that the raw flavor vanishes).
Make a puree of the tomatoes & add into the kadai when the onions are slighly brownish in colour. Saute this till oil separates & the paste is thoroughly cooked.
Add the powdered saunf & cardamoms & all the dry masalas. Saute for about a minute & add the cream.
Let it cook well.
Meanwhile take out the paalak from the m’wave & put into the jar of the processor & just run it once. Dont add the green water that is left of the paalak. The paste should be coarsely ground & shouldnt be a fine paste.
Add this paste of paalak into the kadai & mix well.
Cut the paneer into cubes & add to the kadai. Mix well.
Now for the final trick. Paalak leaves a lot of water while being cooked & so does paneer. If you try & let the water evaporate on the gas, it will take a long long time, so what I do is, pour this curry back into the m’wave dish after removing the leftover water of the palak & put it on high for about 10/12 minutes, depending on how much curry I have.

Keep checking in between to ensure that nothing gets burnt & stir once or twice in between.

The end result is a wonderful thick-gravy dish, with a wonderful consistency, which goes excellently with rotis, parathas or even rice.

You can use the leftover water of the paalak while making the roti dough, or add into daal or for any other gravy or soup.

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4 Responses to PALAK PANEER

  1. rv

    nice tip shella:) i wanted to make thick consistency palak paneer:) u have utilised the m’wave max which i too wanted to do, but didnt know much, thanks for the info:)

  2. Shella

    I always prefer a thick consistency of dish, except daal. N the m’wave serves as a good friend at times. I have tried making quite a few things in it.

  3. Anonymous

    me again:)..tried this third recipe from your blog..sine i had no paneer at home that day i replaced it with potato:)…but it was awsome…thanks again..not just me, but even my husband is licking off the gravy from the plate:)


  4. Shella

    Glad to have you keep coming back. Potato is also a good option. The next time you could dice the potatoes & fry them, so that they remain chunky & a bit crisy. Add them just before serving!! They will taste as good as the paneer. Am glad you guys enjoyed the dish.

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