Pazham pori – crispy caramelized banana fritters

As soon as you approach the Kerala border while travelling a long yet exciting and adventurous journey from Delhi on the train, the first thing that comes to you on stations are these pazham poris. These plantains are very typical to Kerala and these fritters are a landmark snack be it breakfast or evening tea.

But if I must say so, the way they make them are definitely not my favourite. They use huge chunks of the banana and dip it in tasteless flour and fry and people usually serve it cold, which I totally think is horrible. What I actually love is the one my mom made, and which now I have improvized on.

We would get our stock of plantains from Kochi once in a while when someone was visiting, and mummy would obviously of course make pazham poris of it. Her were utterly delicious and my memory of these delicious snacks would prefer these any day to the snack shop ones.

God bless Dar es salaam, we have plantains aplenty here, and quite often I buy these only to make my version of these super crunchy, caramalized beauties. I have served this to really many people, and nobody could have resisted these. Only thing they really need to be hot, thats the best way to eat them.

Fairly simple, not much work, but you need to get the salt and sugar quotient right, then only the magic works

Time taken – 10 minutes

Makes about 8 fritters of 2 plantains


2 large sweet plantains. Make sure they are ripe though not mushy

4 tbspn rice flour

1 tbspn all purpose flour

1 tspn salt

1 tbspn sugar

1/2 tspn turmeric powder

water to make these ingredients except the banana to a thick slurry. Thick enough to coat the bananans


Now cut the banana into two halfs from the middle

Vertically slice them into 4 thin pieces. Now this would depend on the size of the plaintain you could do 3 as well.

While you are doing all this place a smal wok with oil to be hot.

Once the oil is hot, dip the slices of bananas individually and drop them in the hot oil

Let them cook golden yellow with the edges browned from sides.

Take them out on a tissue paper to absorb the excessive oil

Wait just enough for them to cool a bit, they are too hot to handle at this stage.

Enjoy these super delicious strips along with a hot cup of coffee or tea

The insides are totally melting if you have used a ripe banana and the outside is super crunchy. The salt adds the perfect balance to the sugary sweetness of the ripe bananas and the yellow turmeric makes all this very very appealing.

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