On our recent trip to Egypt we had so much of Pitas and Falafel that a few days ago I was literally craving for some.  But this time, I didnt want to go out and get it but do everything homemade.  So there I was on a mission, and boy did i crack it – I sure did.

The pitas here were healthy as they were made from wheatflour or atta and believe me they were super easy.

I have used a griddle pan or a tawa this time, and though I am not 100% satisfied with the results because I know that they could have been more restaurant like if I had baked them.  I will certainly be baking them the next time and making them much smaller the next time around.

But still for whatever its worth, and all my efforts here’s the first recipe from the Middle eastern affair series.  Yes its a lot of time, but you will not regret the efforts at all.

I am not happy with the photo either, so I promise a much better picture on my next pita preparation.  I am looking forward to small round thick pitas stuffed with some great crunchy falafels smothered in thaini and hummus.


wheatflour pitas

Preperation time

5 minutes to proof the yeast

5 minutes to knead

2 hours to rest

About 1 hour to roll out the dough into pitas

Made about 10-12 pitas


3 cups wheatflour (atta)
2 tspn yeast
1 tspn salt
1 tbspn olive oil
1 cup warm water



Soak yeast in warm water

Mix everything
Let rest for 2 hours
Roll into breads n cook on a hot pan

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