Tonight at Prayer Time.
Viha “mamma, why do those children knock on our car windows when we stop the car at red light”
Mamma “Baby they are poor and are looking for money or food”
Viha “why don’t their mummies and papas give them food, why do they want our money. Don’t their mummies have purses like you do”
Mamma “No baby their mummies don’t have purses like mamma has, and their papas don’t go to work like our papa does – he really works hard so that you can have everything you want. So lets say our prayers to thank God for papa and everything else that we have”
Dear Jesus,
Thank you that tonight Viha is warm in bed, she has a soft bed, soft pillows and a teddy bear blanket to cover her up.
Jesus, we pray for Papa who is travelling far away, please keep him safe and healthy and bring him back home soon.
Jesus we also pray for those thousands of children who are sleeping on some roadside on thorn like roads, with insects biting them because they have nothing to cover them up, and nothing but a stone to put below their heads.
Jesus I thank you that mamma made soup and gave Viha and she likes soup. Jesus we pray for thousands of little children who did not have anything to eat for dinner, and maybe even throughout the day, they slept with stomachs growling with hunger and probably cried themselves to sleep.
Jesus we pray for those little children who do not have mummies to snuggle close to and put their heads on their shoulders, all they can hug is themselves and feel the pain of loneliness.
Jesus let Viha be thankful for all that she has and always try and help other children and give them some food to eat and share a little of her toys and clothes.
This prayer we ask in your mighty name oh Lord.

There are so many children out there on the streets who are hungry, tired, destitute, lonely, with almost nothing to be thankful about. Please when you go out everyday, take at least some food, anything. Maybe just 3 or 4 sandwiches of bread and jam, or anything that is going waste in your house and give it to some hungry kids on the road. I am sure you will find many. Make it a habit, don’t leave home without some food. Its so convenient for us to at times just chuck some leftovers or about to get stale food in the bin. Just pause a moment and think of those kids out there, who would really be grateful for that very same food.
You might just save them from sleeping with their tummies rumbling with hunger.

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