Nothing in this world can give you the amazing satisfaction of having a piping hot crunchy samosa filled with a spicy potato filling. Sadly, nowhere in Dar does a samosa come close to what is sold on the mithaiwale ki dukaan in Dilli. Mostly all are called Agarwals, but none of them are Agarwals! Waiting in a queue during evenings to get your order piping out from the karahi is a norm for children, but it is so worth the wait.

After much contemplation and research I finally got down to making my own punjabi samosa. Not my first attempt though, but this time it was perfection.

Here’s the recipe. If you intend to follow it, do it to the core, dont compromise on the ghee for kneading the dough, and oil for frying them. A samosa isint one if not fried on medium hot pool of oil for at least 10 minutes . Yes my friend, patience indeed is the secret for that perfectly crunchy samosa.

Time taken

Kneading the dough / boiling potatoes – 10 minutes

Resting the dough / making the filling – 30 minutes

Folding and filling the samosas – 30 minutes

Frying – 45 minutes

Makes 10-12 big sized samosas (dilli style)


For the crust

3 cups maida

1 tbspn salt

1 tspn ajwain / carrom seeds

2 tbspn ghee per cup

cold water to knead

For the filling

4 medium sized potatoes boiled and coarsely mashed

100 grms paneer chopped into small cubes

1 tspn coarsely ground corriander seeds

1 tspn kalonji / nigella seeds

1 tbspn corriander powder

1 tbspn red chilli powder (adjust according to liking)

1 tbspn chaat masala powder

1 tspn garam masala powder

1 tspn rock salt / himalayan pink salt

1 tspn jeera powder

1/2 tspn black pepper powder

1 tbspn finely chopped green chillies

1 tbspn finely minced garlic

1 tbspn finely minced ginger

1/2 cup corriander leaves


For the crust dough

In a wide mouthed pan seive the flour along with salt.

Add the ajwain seeds and mix well

Add the ghee and rub it into the flour

When you take a fistful of flour and close your fist it should hold the shape

Add cold water little by little to knead into a hard dough.

Kneading for 5-7 minutes will make it pliable.

Cover with a wet tea towel and allow to rest.

Meanwhile make the filling

For the filling

Boil the potatoes and mash them coarsely

In a pan add oil and when hot add the nigella seeds, ginger and garlic

Cook well

Add the potatoes and the rest of the ingredients except corriander leaves and paneer and cook well.

Add the paneer and corriander leaves and mix.

For the samosas

Divide the dough into 10-12 ball.

Roll them into chappatis.

Cut into half

Fold the cut side to form a cone the edges overlapping. Seal these edges using a little water and pressing them to seal tight

Into the cone put about a tbspn and half of the filling pressing it gently in.

Now smear a little water on insides of the top of the cone and press them shut towards one side.

Make all samosas like this

In a pan take quite a lot of oil, enough to immerse the samosas

Once they are hot reduce the flame to medium

Now on this medium hot oil fry the samosas till a golden colour

These samosas freeze easily to enable you to enjoy them on a rainy evening or whenever you miss home

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